Welcome to the Matrix AI Network

The Matrix team is thrilled to announce that the Matrix Mainnet has launched!

From humble beginnings discussing a singular idea in September 2016, to the launch of a Mainnet in February 2019, the Matrix AI Network team has remained steadfast in the belief that whatever shortcomings exist in other blockchain solutions, they are not enough to halt a technological revolution. Rather, these shortcomings were and are merely opportunities to demonstrate the potential synergy between Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies. With this view in mind, the Matrix AI Network team has built a high performance blockchain that addresses the issues of speed, safety, performance, functionality and interoperability that have consistently plagued blockchain’s first two generations.

The Matrix AI Network

The Matrix AI Network consists of a series of gears and mechanisms, each with a role and all working in concert. Core components include a Mining Network, a Verification Network, a Distributed Storage Network, a Compute Network, and Sidechains. The Mining and Verification Networks are jointly responsible for maintaining normal blockchain operational tasks such as packaging and verifying transactions. The Distributed Storage Network, based on IPFS technology, supports large-scale data storage and provides users the ability to upload, store, and transfer multimedia content such as videos and pictures through the Matrix AI Network — the type of content that is vital to Matrix’s world-class AI services. Matrix’s multichain architecture allows for different organizations to customize their operations and services while continuing to interact seamlessly with the rest of the Matrix AI Network ecosystem. Sidechains can have their own data format, consensus mechanism, and validation protocols while still interacting with and sending transactions to other chains through secured gateways.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

The Matrix AI Network uses a hybrid PoS/PoW consensus mechanism — dubbed HPoW — to enable high system throughput speeds. By using a stochastic clustering algorithm, a dynamic delegate network is generated every election cycle to ensure high concurrency throughout the network without sacrificing the notion of decentralization that sparked the blockchain revolution. This is also what allows the Matrix AI Network to exceed 5000 TPS in the early goings. Users’ stakes ensure that participants are invested in the health of the Matrix AI Network ecosystem, while the stochastic clustering algorithm makes collusion untenable and limits the impact of any single participant.

The best defense is a good offense

The Matrix AI Network is equipped with a formal verification toolkit to recognize transaction vulnerabilities, identify loopholes, and correct errors. Each and every intelligent contract is verified before they are initialized. One major advantage of this toolkit is that it can mathematically demonstrate whether or not an intelligent contract is secure. Additionally, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are used throughout the Matrix AI Network to, among other things, refine intelligent contracts. Finally, Matrix’s tiered architecture creates a safe operational environment. One Matrix Sidechain is even dedicated to validating transactions across the entire network. This sidechain re-computes the results submitted by Mining Masternodes to determine whether anyone is engaging in malicious behavior.

What’s in a Mining Machine, anyways?

Traditional blockchain solutions relied on PoW consensus mechanisms to ensure the security of the network. This is the primary reason why early blockchain solutions demand an absurd amount of computing resources. There are two specific ways in which the Matrix AI Network makes blockchain eco-friendlier. First, all nodes connected to the Matrix AI Network that are not actively engaged in mining and verification tasks can help solve AI tasks by lending their excess computing power in exchange for token rewards. This makes AI processing more affordable, scalable and secure. Second, rather than using a traditional hash algorithm, the Matrix AI Network supports deep learning algorithms. Because of this, the Matrix AI Network will release a Mining Machine in the coming months. This mining machine doubles as an AI accelerator — built using configurable FPGAs — and is capable of completing both mining operations as well as deep learning tasks. When selected as a node, the Matrix Mining Machine will run mining algorithms; when not selected, it will run deep learning algorithms. The Matrix Mining Machine will boost the performance and affordability of operations on the Matrix AI Server.

belongto(Base,us) :- belongto(Base,you).

The scarcity of coding talent and a lack of security in existing smart contracts remain barriers impeding the wider adoption of blockchain solutions. As such, the natural language programming experts at the Matrix AI Network have spent innumerable hours refining and improving Matrix’s Auto-Coding Intelligent Contracts. Using natural language programming, Matrix’s Intelligent Contracts can be automatically generated by non-coders by simply inputting certain parameters and specifications using English or Chinese. The Matrix AI Network team will continue to improve and refine these Auto-Coding Intelligent Contracts by enhancing their security and increasing the complexity of supported functions.

Natural Selection

The Matrix AI Network supports multi-chain integration to seamlessly consolidate public and private chains. As part of this multi-chain architecture, GANs will be used to dynamically adjust and optimize a variety of parameters without creating hard forks. These features are particularly suitable for enterprise clients and government.

AI? There’s an APP for that!

The Matrix AI Network is actively engaged with the Beijing Cancer Hospital, the 302 Hospital, and several other top-level domestic hospitals to develop early cancer diagnostic systems. Ongoing projects relate to lung, thyroid and liver cancers. On the other end of the spectrum, Matrix recently revealed a currently-in-development gaming DAPP called Horse Saga. In addition to medical and gaming DAPPs, other Matrix AI Network applications touch on the areas of image recognition, healthcare, training, fruit ripeness, public safety, autonomous driving, and entertainment. Several will be revealed over the coming months.

In order for the Matrix AI Network ecosystem to continue to grow and expand, the Matrix team has entered into several partnerships with like-minded partners. These include the Advanced Telecommunication Chain Industry Alliance, Litex, OGI Ocean Gate Transportation, the Decentralized AI Alliance and many others.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

For the first several weeks following the launch of the Matrix Mainnet, the Matrix team will ensure the stability and normal operation of the network. As such, the public will not be able to launch mining and verification masternodes. However, community members can track the Mainnet’s status via the Matrix Blockchain Browser and can look forward to several more announcements regarding the development of the Matrix ecosystem, details about additional token swap options, and updated reports about the technical components of the Matrix AI Network. Community members will also have the opportunity to test some early DAPPS, including the gaming DAPP Horse Saga.

The Matrix AI Network has experienced quite a bit over the past year. With that in mind, the entire Matrix AI Network team would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us and for sharing in our vision. Our pledge is that we will never forget the reasons why we embarked on this adventure and that we will see this through to the end. We’re just getting started!

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: www.matrix.io Telegram: t.me/matrixainetwork