Review of MATRIX Global Community Meetup in Singapore

MATRIX is a world-renowned public chain based on AI and blockchain technology. In order to better support the development of the community, MATRIX hosted their first 2018 Global Community Meet-Up at the Carlton Hotel in Singapore on April 12.

Despite not being open to the general public, the event still attracted many blockchain investors and enthusiasts, developers, journalists, and fans from all over the world. Well-known early investors in MATRIX, such as partner of Fenghe Capital, former GM of Hina Investment Group and partner of Torque Ventures, also participated in the conference.

MATRIX and its partners in the ecosystem shared the main work and achievements of the project in the past few months. This covered market operations, strategic cooperation, ecosystem community, technology research, and product research and development. They also laid out MATRIX’s focus and goals for the coming months.


Owen Tao introduced MATRIX’s core work in the market and operations over the past few months. MATRIX:

1. Launched the “Global Blockchain Game Alliance” with several senior gaming and blockchain companies including BIT.GAME, GMGC, ForGame, TrustNote, ACHAIN, and QTUM.

2. Joined Hyperledger, the top blockchain business and technology community. In the future, MATRIX will work with other members of the alliance to develop the most advanced blockchain technology and transplant advanced technologies into the MATRIX ecology.

3. Published three top AI papers in leading academic magazines and conferences around the world, demonstrating MATRIX’s strong technical R&D capabilities.

4. Was invited to participate in the 2018 Global Strategic Partner Conference. In the future, there will be more in-depth strategic cooperation with Huobi in the eco-community construction and specific project research and development.

5. Cooperated with Tsinghua University Education Foundation to launch the “AI + Blockchain” Special Research Fund — MATRIX Bayesian Research Fund for AI and blockchain technology research.

In addition, Owen announced that MATRIX has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Belt & Road Initiative Strategic Research & Development Center to provide technical support to the Belt & Road countries in aspects of blockchain and AI.

Owen also introduced MATRIX’s detailed plans for ecological and community construction. In terms of ecological construction, MATRIX will cooperate extensively with other eco-friendly partners while developing applications and incubating some of its own projects. In regards to community development, the MARTIX Foundation intends to invest US$10 million in establishing a strong community, divided into developers and enthusiasts.

Steve Deng: MATRIX Chief AI Scientist

Professor Deng shared the progress the MATRIX has made over the past few months in fields of technology research and development, project development, team building and academic cooperation.

Technology research and development: MATRIX has used AI technology to help solve the four main problems of blockchain: slow transaction speed, difficulty in programming intelligent contracts, lack of security in smart contracts, and the huge waste caused by mining.

Project development: The project’s research and development work has focused on three areas: blockchain, smart contracts, and AI. This includes high-throughput, low-latency transactions, production and security of smart contracts, and further optimisation of consensus algorithms.

Team building: MATRIX has recruited 25 experts in blockchain, smart contracts, and AI, whose main task is to design and develop the underlying technology architecture. In addition, the team has made had success in object recognition based on deep learning, winning both the PASCAL VOC competition and the MS Coco competition in 2017.

Academic cooperation: in addition to jointly launching the “MATRIX Bayesian Fund” with the Tsinghua University Foundation, a joint fund will be established together with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to conduct research on encryption and consensus algorithms.

Prof. Deng also shared some future applications of blockchain and AI from a theoretical and technical perspective. For example, in the future, MATRIX will use AI to support the simulation of the entire brain and cognitive development, as well as reconstructing the human metabolic network and gene regulatory networks (which is helpful for accurate medical care).

He Weifeng: Co-founder of BIT.GAME

He Weifeng said that he believed future decentralized blockchain games would benefit from the realisation of traffic flow, and that blockchain game companies will become extremely profitable.

He introduced BIT.GAME’s token and mining mechanism, which is one of the company’s highlights: about 30% of players participating in the game provide mining. Another highlight of BIT.GAME is the dual repurchase mechanism: companies use 50% of their profits to buy back and destroy tokens, then use 30% of profits to repurchase tokens and put them into the mining pool for players to mine. As a result, tokens continue to shrink in number and gain in value.

Tian Guobin: MATRIX Chief R&D Engineer

Tian focused on MATRIX’s digital asset safes, explaining how they are an important part of the ecosystem and how the advanced nature of the MATRIX public chain makes digital asset safes a possibility for blockchain terminals.

Tian went on to list several features of the MATRIX Digital Asset Safe:

1. It has the general characteristics of a hardware wallet, including features such as hot and cold wallet separation, offline private keys, and multiple signatures.

2. Hardware individual information is used for multiple encryptions so, even if a wallet’s password is compromised, the private key can not be stolen.

3. Unique Internet of Things encryption technology enhances security and applies new encryption channels at the application layer.

4. The nodes that broadcast transactions are very secure and have established their own node servers. The communication between digital asset safes and node servers uses IoT encrypted channels and will introduce advanced services in the future.

Tian went on to say that MATRIX supports the creation of decentralized exchanges in all currencies and opens up broad application prospects for blockchain terminals such as digital asset safes: in theory, MATRIX can use any cryptocurrency to purchase any application service on a chain.

Finally, Tian shared the team’s plans for future development projects, including the digital asset safe, the website, cross-linked decentralized exchanges, and self-designed circuit boards for single-chip microcomputers, to name a few.

The meetup was successfully held. MATRIX’s work and achievements in its each key area has been recognized by its growing number of supporters around the world. MATRIX has big plans for the future and will continue to work hard to make them come to life!

The next meet-up will be held after the London Blockchain Expo on April 20th and is open to the general public. The MATRIX team is looking forward to seeing you there!

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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