Push It! This competition needs a little Salt-N-Pepa!

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You have until October 25th to win MAN tokens just by testing the MATRIX AI Server! Don’t miss out!

Last week, the MATRIX Team launched a little competition. Community members holding MATRIX test coins were encouraged to upload their favorite pictures to the MATRIX AI Server and test out the Server’s AI Pose and Object Detection services.

Luckily, participating in this competition is incredibly simple! Before getting started, make sure that you already have a MATRIX testnet wallet and testnet coins. If you do not have a testnet wallet or test tokens — fret not! There is still plenty of time! Instructions on how to apply can be found here or on the MATRIX website. As a friendly reminder, DO NOT USE REAL ERC20 MAN TOKENS WITH YOUR TESTNET WALLET.

Step 1
Upload pictures to the MATRIX AI Server via the MATRIX testnet wallet. To do so, select the “Send Offline” tab, enter a receiving address (any properly formatted address will do!), select a transaction format (Format 4 for AI Pose Detection, Format 5 for AI Object Detection), upload your picture and send your transaction! Full detailed instructions (with pictures) can be found here.

Step 1.5
Wait. It can take several minutes for the MATRIX AI Server to process and return results.

Step 2
Share your best AI-processed photos in our telegram group or on Twitter using the hashtag #MATRIXAI. Any particularly good, bad or ugly examples will be eligible for small rewards.

And that’s it! The MATRIX team will pick 1 winner per day until October 25th, 2018. Both MATRIX AI Pose Detection and Object Detection pictures are eligible. There is no limit on the number of submissions a person is allowed to submit. Finally, there is a separate community-led telegram group dedicated to helping MATRIX community members use the testnet. We encourage everyone to join!

There has been a little confusion about how to view AI-processed images after the fact. The simplest way is to use the MATRIX Blockchain Browser. Rather than searching your transaction’s txHash, you can also look up your MATRIX testnet wallet address instead!

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Doing so will allow you to peruse all the transactions that have ever involved your testnet wallet address — regardless of whether you were the sender or receiver.

Look for any transactions with a 0 MAN value. These are likely to be AI Server transactions. Then, all you need to do is click the transaction link to view the processed AI-Server image.

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To give you an idea about what you are up against. Here are the winning selections thus far!

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The entire MATRIX team has been incredibly pleased with the results so far. As such, the team is adding a little mustard and upping the reward to 100 MAN tokens per winning picture! Additionally, a grand champion will be selected from the winning pictures following the completion of this competition. The grand champion will win 1000 MAN tokens and may be eligible for a couple other surprises as well!

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: www.matrix.io Telegram: t.me/matrixainetwork

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