Monthly Manual Swap

Occasionally, the project team will receive requests to perform manual swap for community members. To facilitate such, please read and follow below guides so we can help you in a structured way.

1. Period :
The project team will facilitate such requests once a month, and the date is set on 5th calendar day of each month (GMT+8). Examples :
a. if you send your request on 4th September, it will be handled on 5th September.
b. If such request is sent on 5th September, it will be handled on 5th October.
c. If you send your request on 6th September, it will be dealt with on 5th October.
2. Lead time:
It takes 1–2 days to finish the manual swap. There will be no email reply stating it has been completed. You can assume your requests have been done within the lead time. If it does not, please send email or DM Admin.
3. How:
Please send email to with below details :
a. Transaction hash
b. Your ERC20 wallet address
c. The Matrix Mainnet wallet address associated with your ERC20 wallet address
d. The number of tokens you sent to the token burn account address.
e. For other details, please refer to the original Token Swap Manual



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