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Recently, MATRIX launched a voting campaign to let our community members pick one of two MATRIX website designs they prefer. We got so much feedback from the community and we found your enthusiasm to be beyond our expectations. Many from the community expressed desire to submit their own designs and compete, so we have decided to open up the competition!

To better improve MATRIX’s branding, and also to let more talents have a chance to get involved in our redesign, we are happy to announce that we are launching an open web design competition! We are encouraging all designers in our community to come forward with your creative ideas! Community is very important to us, so we want as many of our members involved as possible.


We are looking for designs that can reflect our image, and art work that tells the world what MATRIX is really about. Dynamic, modern and most importantly INTELLIGENT.


Draft design for the main page of the new website


Ideas should be clear and logical. Please make reference to existing infrastructure project websites for rough guidance, such as,,,, for good examples. A ‘partners’ section is not required, and reference to partners should be discussed in terms of use-cases as outlined in previous MATRIX official articles. The website must feel like that of an established platform, as opposed to an ICO project.


No limits.


Materials are available at: and additional information (which isn’t currently on the website) can be conveyed as you see fit.

The vector files of the logo can be downloaded HERE


First Place: 3000 MAN (Main page) + 2000 MAN(design of subpages as agreed by MATRIX and the winning designer)

Second Place: 2000 MAN (Main page)

Third Place: 1000 MAN (Main page)

Submission instruction

All submissions to be sent to

Rules and Guidelines

1. Your e-mail subject should be “MATRIX web design +Your name” and one participant could submit more than one draft designs.

2. Please also include the address details of your ETH wallet in the e-mail so that we can grant winners the awards as soon as possible after the results are announced.

3. The deadline for submitting your design is 12am June 24th 2018 Beijing time (4pm UTC June 23rd 2018).

Please Note

1. Participants should focus on the brand and product image of MATRIX AI Network when designing the new website.

2. Participants must be the authentic designer and legitimate owner of their design. Any participant who is involved in plagiarism, stealing and other infringing acts should bear all consequences.

3. Please provide electronic versions of your designs. JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF formats are all accepted as long as the design looks clear.

4. No submissions will be rejected. Please save your own backup. Once the works are selected for use, participants should provide high-precision design of the original map.

5. Once the first-prize-winning work is chosen, participant should provide high-precision design of the original map. MATRIX will have the right to use, modify and distribute the work.

6. The results will be announced via MATRIX official channels and the awards will be sent to the ETH wallet addresses of the winners.

We are looking forward to your work!


Designed to be the new generation blockchain, MATRIX leverages the latest Al techniques to revolutionize the landscape of cryptocurrency. MATRIX is the pioneer and leader in AI+blockchain field which includes the fundamental main chain, artificial intelligence, security protection, application system, user-friendly and developers optimization oriented blockchain operating system.

MATRIX aims to form an integrated ecosystem, which is not only supports developers to carry out various innovative applications, but also provides users personalized interface. MATRIX uses the advanced artificial intelligence technology to solve the existing problems of blockchain technology in efficiency, safety, usability flexibility and resource waste, and builds an AI network with self-learning ability and evolution.

Features of MATRIX


No programming: available for everyone;

potential users are 350 times that of Ethereum.


AI protection: automatic sniffing holes; make your assets more secure.


Faster Blockchain Network with one million transactions per second, even better than Visa


Always adapt to market demand: natural evolution; never forked


Original MCMC artificial intelligence mining algorithm; no resources waste

Led by world-leading artificial intelligence, communication and chip scientists, MATRIX’s R&D team members are composed of top universities personnel from Tsinghua university and Peking University. The core scientists in MATRIX have won the champion in the World AI Competition and have established the 4.5G\5G Communication International Standard, and the core engineers have been worked in first-rate IT companies like Microsoft\Facebook\Google.

One day you will have an easier life, saving time, money and power, you will be able to enjoy the sci-fi life on every step of your day, we are working on that, and we will make it happen.

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Owen Tao (CEO) | Steve Deng (Chief AI Scientist)



Matrix AI Network

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.