MATRIX unveils partnership-driven development roadmap at GBLS

The MATRIX technology roadmap

  1. Ecosystem partnerships: MATRIX is working with the Belt and Road Initiative Center for Strategic Development and International Digital Asset Manager as technology provider on the Belt and Road Initiative. MATRIX is working with Bit.Game and the Global Blockchain Games League for tokenized online games.
  2. Research partnerships: The collaboration with the Bayesian Computing Lab at Tsinghua University, has been key to public service applications of the MATRIX green mining mechanism, including the partnership with Beijing Cancer Research Hospital to use machine learning models to improve the speed and accuracy of cancer diagnosis. MATRIX is collaborating with Huobi Labs on capacity building in the blockchain developer and applications community. The MATRIX team also actively works with the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger as a bridge between the international community and China.
  3. Technology partnerships: MATRIX has signed agreements with Meta alliance, Smartmesh, Beiyou and Xidian to provide ongoing custom blockchain and AI solutions for projects that are still under development and expansion.

MATRIX’s support to developers and users



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