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3 min readNov 14, 2023


Dear community members,

Congratulations on your outstanding work and contributions to our community’s social media and community groups! Your support and participation has allowed us to make our presence on these platforms stronger and more vibrant.

This time we want to thank you even more. We are hosting a special event to reward the continued efforts and interest of our community members. In this event, you can continue to do what you always do, but this time you have a chance to win great prizes!

Details about the awards and participation conditions are in the details below, many opportunities and rewards will be waiting for you to participate.

A. Event Details

  1. Duration: The event will start on November 14, 2023 and end on November 30, 2023
  2. Prizes : Our top 10 community members with the highest score will be rewarded with 👇 $MAN coins as stated below.

🏆1st: 2500 of $MAN coin

🏆Top 2–4: 1300 of $MAN coin

🏆Top 5–10: 600 of $MAN coin

  1. Winner Announcement Date: 1 December 2023
  2. Prize Distribution Date: It will be around December 5th.

B. How Can I Earn Points?

  1. Like and retweet the event announcement tweet. +10 Points
  2. Actively participate in community chats. (Be the most active during the day)

At the end of the day, the Chatbotfight bot determines the points +50 Points

Sharing regular tweets about the our project without spamming!

(Use $MAN and @MatrixAINetwork tags, comment under relevant tweets of famous influencers to promote Matrix and raise awareness, and share your comment in the group!) +20 Points

Invite a friend interested in crypto to the Matrix Global telegram group.

(Request the personalized invitation link from our admins when you want to invite your friends.) Each invitation +40 points

“Leave a Bullish comment” about $MAN on the Coinmarketcap $MAN page

(Comment is for one-time use, should contain a natural and realistic approach)

+50 Points

C. Rules

  1. Scores for the quality and frequency of contributions are determined by admins. (Admins may give more points or no points depending on the quality of the content.)
  2. The project should be promoted creatively.
  3. Quality and effort are important for more points!
  4. Don’t send spam or irrelevant content.
  5. Be respectful and positive in society.
  6. If a cheater is detected, he will be directly disqualified from the event.
  7. Matrix reserves all rights to this campaign.

Feel free to ask the admin your questions about this event!

KARMABOT: It is an interactive system where you earn karma (reputation) by spreading useful or interesting content to the project. Admins will give KARMA to participants according to the person’s contribution and benefit. 1 KARMA is 10 points.

/top or /usertop or /leaderboard → You can see the top 100 users.

CHATFIGHT BOT: Telegram management bot. With this bot, the most active members in the group are ranked and analytical data is kept.In this way, your activity will be evaluated.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.


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Owen Tao (CEO) | Steve Deng (Chief AI Scientist) | Eric Choy (CMTO)



Matrix AI Network

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.