Matrix Launches the FilDA Union

On Oct. 20th, Matrix CEO Owen Tao was invited to the 2020 Block Global Eco Summit, where as a co-founder he launched the FileCoin-based distributed storage service — FilDA Union.

FilDA is a professional DeFi program dedicated to supporting distributed storage services like FileCoin. Its goal is to foster the use of FileCoin by creating an ecosystem of financial tools and services surrounding it. Meanwhile, the Higgs project under Matrix will function as FilDA’s trusted gateway providing asset conversion and wrapper services.

As distributed storage is the cornerstone of Matrix 2.0. This in-depth collaboration with FileCoin also marks the launch of Matrix 2.0.

So far, FilDA has collected up to 50 percent more compute than is available on the FileCoin mainnet. Joining hands with other co-founders such as ELA, Bitmain, IPFS, Cobo Wallet, FBG Wallet, we are on our way to building FileCoin into a first-rate DeFi product.

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