Matrix Block Reward Reduction Coming Soon…

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There are 400 million MAN tokens in total in the pool of Matrix AI Network. By the time the 3 millionth block is generated (estimated to happen in mid-May), the output will be reduced, and mining profits are expected to drop to 85% percent of the original. Like with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies featuring PoW mining, MAN output is designed to gradually decrease in order to bring up production cost and the value of MAN. This will also help boost MAN’s circulation in the market. Meanwhile, compared with Bitcoin, Matrix has adopted a smoother reduction curve and a rising price model for MAN.

In the current model, the total mining output will cap at 320 million. The remaining 80 million will be used for rewarding both the consumers and the providers of compute on the Matrix Computing Platform. We will release a detailed plan to the community after the platform goes into commercial use.

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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