Matrix and The Belt and Road (Part 5)

Matrix AI Network
2 min readAug 25, 2021

How Does This Benefit Matrix?

Besides the honor of contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative in Xinjiang, Matrix also stands to benefit in the following ways.

The Foundation of MANITO

MANITO (MAN Industry Tech Open-Platform) is one of the pillars of MATRIX 2.0. All the Belt and Road projects that Matrix participates in in Xinjiang can be adapted into services that will target clients in the manufacturing and energy industries in the future. These services will operate on Matrix’s computing power and require MAN for settlement. All this will mean more income for miners of Matrix AI Network and more liquidity for MAN.

Matrix’s Computing Power Distribution Platform

Matrix is actively participating in building computing power grids in Xinjiang. In the future, Matrix hopes to connect its mainnet to these grids, which will broaden the revenue streams for companies that have a part in constructing these grids and help them avoid resource waste by increasing temporary demand volatility tolerance. For Matrix, cheap electric power and the takeover of Bitcoin mining farms will benefit its ecosystem, as affordable computing power is at the core of Matrix 2.0.

Larger Market Share for MANAS and MANTA

Matrix will be trying to bring all its business partners in Xinjiang into its own ecosystem. These are mostly governmental corporations or listed companies of scale, and when they become clients of the AI services on MANAS and MANTA, the liquidity and value of MAN will receive an unprecedented boost.

Matrix’s endeavor to support the Belt and Road in Xinjiang will pave the way for the future success of the company in Central Asia and Europe.



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