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11 min readJun 1, 2022

Eric: Hello, good afternoon Matrixians, and greetings to our CEO Owen, it’s good to see you again.

Owen: Hi Eric, good to see you. Hi community.

Eric: How time flies, it’s another month, so I just can recall the last time we had the AMA shooting, so it’s another month again. So I’m sure that you have some exciting progress, and we will keep updating the Matrixians through the year bi-weekly reports and also the AMAs, and also through our education-based articles to enable all to know the rationales of our project and to answer, to understand the progress of our projects. And today I got something to share with the Matrixians. So you can see we have this standing mic which is requested by some of our Matrixians saying that with a better mic, it will be better quality for our AMA shooting, and that would be better in terms of brand image, and see what we got now okay. And I’m sure the sound quality will be a lot better. And tell me if this doesn’t, then I will get refunded from the vendor thanks.
Okay, Owen, so today we have a total of eight questions that we screened from the submissions through the online form from the community. Some technical related, and some about the project’s roadmap, and some about the bio-wallet that we have been showcasing to the community as I think last year.
So allow me to start with questions involving the technical side. I think the first two questions come from the same person named Miles and the second is from Miles Tellor. So I will ask in one go, if I may, so it is like this the question: “Is MAN EVM compatible? Can my Solidity Smart Contracts be deployed on MAN?”. So this is the first question, and second I think it’s similar: “Am I able to deploy my own Smart Contracts on Matrix?”.
Owen, do you have an answer for that please?

Owen: Yes of course, MAN is compatible and of course you can deploy your smart contract on the Matrix main network. And also we support the Solidity contracts. You can find the documents on how to use our API and the tools or the EVM in our website. Of course you can deploy your own contract on the Matrix MainNet.

Eric: Good thanks. I think when you talk about the menus I think you are talking about the guides that we published earlier. I think last week or two weeks ago we had two technical guides ready about writing Smart Contracts and also IDE, something like that. So I think that would be helpful for Miles. So hello Miles, I think Owen just answered your question. So the answer is positive, you can deploy your Solidity Smart Contract on MAN, and it’s EVM compatible. Okay, thanks Miles. And let me go on to the third question coming from @omer55yuksel. This is about the AIRTIST. “Once the AIRTIST token is released, are you planning to airdrop AI Art to the MAN holders?” Owen?

Owen: Yeah, the thing is I’m not a supervisor of the AIRTIST project, and they are one of our partners and also our ecosystem project. And of course I think when AIRTIST launches, we’d like to hold some events with them, and maybe it will include the airdrop or other kinds of events we can do, yeah. So let’s wait for their project launch and we will see what we can do and what kind of events we will hold with them.

Eric: Okay, thanks Owen. I think in the April AMA, there’s a similar question about AIRTIST asking if there will be any kind of a private sale, and then would that be opened to the Matrixians to participate. I think back then the answer was positive but we’re still waiting for a formal reply from them, right?

Owen: Yeah, and they are still under the stage, they need to do some work to fix their schedule, including maybe how to sell their token, or the economy system for their project. So I think after all the things have been settled down, we will be very clear to see how the MAN holders can join these projects and what benefit we can get from their projects.

Eric: Okay, thanks Owen. I think AIRTIST is a hot topic in our community. And they are excited about the project itself, and also about any private sale and also any airdrop events. So if you have any update just let the community know before, for example, June, or the AMA, etc. So we just keep feeding the information to the community. Yeah, this is a hot topic, thanks Owen. And the next question comes from Jerry, @JHollander: “When do we see a new roadmap”, I think this question is about the project roadmap, because the last item will end in June and there is no [more] items in the roadmap, so I think he would like to know, and I think many of our Matrixians would like to know what would be the road ahead of us after June. So Owen, do you have answers for all that please?

Owen: Yes I think in this stage our main work is to finish our current roadmap. We need to make everything settle down and everything work. After that, I think we will spend maybe one or two months to discuss the future of Matrix and what we’ll do in the next stage. So I think maybe in the third quarter we will release a new roadmap for the next step for Matrix.

Eric: Okay so Jerry, for the third quarter there will be a new roadmap release. And just keep monitoring our website and also the sharings from our admin group. I don’t have information either, so once I have I will share with you and also with other Matrixians as well.
Talking about the roadmap, I have a question from myself. I think in the March AMA we mentioned there will be a maintenance test by some partners by June, by the end of June. So is it still on schedule Owen?

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Okay, good. Anything to share? Okay, good, good, good. Yeah, if you have anything to share with us just let us know, for example who are the partners, what are they going to test, and when they start to test, just let us know. Okay, and then I’m gonna make sure the Matrixians will get this information right after you share with me, thanks.

Owen: Okay.

Eric: Okay, cool. And then from PhantomElf, what a good name, the question is like this: “How will MAN work in intelligent cities? What will be the security against being hacked?” Owen?

Owen: Yeah I think at first the intelligent cities need a lot of computing power. We know all the artificial intelligence, they will run with a huge computing power, and I think the computing power will be the basis for all kinds of artificial intelligence projects. So of course we have MANTA, so I think we can offer computing power for all kinds of intelligent city projects, and also our maintenance system can offer AI services for the intelligent cities. So that’s how MAN will work in intelligent cities.
And for the security issue I think, because maybe MANTA or MANAS and all the Matrix is on a decentralized system, so in the decentralized system, the ai system will be safer than in a centralized [system], so I think this is the best way for us to do the security against being hacked.

Eric: Okay, thanks Owen. So PhantomElf, I think just today, maybe later this afternoon, we are going to publish another article which is titled “The Mental Brain of a Metaverse”. In this specific article today, we’re talking about how Matrix will contribute to the computing power in the intelligent city or smart city wise, or on a macro scale. And Owen just mentioned because our system or our whole platform is kind of decentralized, so it will be kind of a tactic against being hacked, because by nature it’s decentralized.
Okay so, two questions come from Elk. The first question is about storage.
“Hi Owen, I hope you are having a great day”, and I’m sure he is, thanks Elk. Now to my question: “As a first step Matrix will use its own hosted IPFS for storage and then later transition to some other IPFS such as FileCoin. Will NFTs minted on Matrix IPFS be moved to FileCoin IPFS when that merge happens?”

Owen: Yeah, if we choose some other IPFS platforms such as FileCoin, when the merge happens we will move all the data we have stored on the Matrix IPFS to the new IPFS platform such as maybe FileCoin. But at the same time we will still keep one copy on the Matrix IPFS files, if maybe something happens we will [ensure] that the users will keep their data safe.

Eric: Okay that’s good, that’s kind of a disaster recovery plan, we have something in backup and that’s good. And the second question comes from Elk, it is about the BioWallet: “Hi Owen, what’s the current status of the BioWallet? How far away from production are they? When can Matrix users buy a unit and use it to access their wallet on Matrix MainNet?”
So yeah, this is about the BioWallet and what kind of status we are in, Owen?

Owen: Yes, thanks Eric, as you know we have some demo for our BioWallet which is based on the finger vein scan technologies. At this stage, we have lots of discussions about this technology, for what kind of projects we should use it in to make a real product, so we have lots of discussions about that. Until now, we have some choices for that, maybe such as to use it in… The first one we can use it in the Metaverse, and DID, and the second one maybe we can use this technology as a creator’s signature for the NFT market, and also we can use that in some real assets services, which we can bring as real asset on the blockchain, we can use that to do the personal signature.
So I think maybe the first product we will release for the finger vein scan, maybe not a wallet, it may be some other kind of products, but also it can be what we have still under discussion, so we haven’t made this decision for the final version, but we we will make this as a product, yeah.

Eric: Thanks Owen, I think the community has been discussing… basically is quite excited about it, by the wallet thing, and they are looking forward to the release of any information about the BioWallet. And Elk, I think Owen just mentioned certain points that have been discussed, how to move this BioWallet project forward. I think one is the DID which can be used in the Metaverse, and the second is about a protection to the physical assets. Now think about OpenSea, Wearable, etc, most of the assets there are digital assets, so to speak. And what if we have the physical assets owned by someone they want to put to blockchain for some reasons, be it personal or be it business. How to protect this physical asset is a question, so this comes in the BioWallet. I cannot share too much about this for now because we are still discussing it. So this is about the second perspective.

And the third one is about the shared KYC because whenever you are engaged in any financial service product you will need KYC. And it takes quite a long time for the financial product to accept you as a user because they have to go through the KYC process reviewing your documents and having their internal control, etc. However, if we can use this finger vein style as a shared KYC and as an editor service for those financial platforms or institutions, that could significantly reduce the time, and they can significantly improve the customer experience, in particularly the onboarding experience. So I think the prospect is quite, how do I say, quite significant, quite exciting. We just have to discuss which aspect we want to go for, because when we decide which way to go we go to, and then we have to come up with more functional features.
Of course we have the prototype right now, which is quite good, and we have to still go into details, what would be the product specifications after we’ve defined the so-called use case, just like what I said: the DID, or the protection layer for the physical assets put on the blockchain, or as a shared KYC, etc, etc. So, yeah, if you have any other use cases that you think our finger vein technology can be used for, let us know. I believe you have a lot of experience and wisdom in this regard, so do share with me, thanks, Elk.

And then the last question comes from @budspencer469, which is about the BioWallet as well: “Did you patent the Matrix BioWallet Owen?” Have we?

Owen: Yes, we are buying some patents for our finger vein scanning technologies.

Eric: Okay that would be a protection to our technology, when we go commercialize, that’s good.
So I think these are the questions coming from the Matrixians, and our CEO Owen has answered all of them, and in a clear way.
For the roadmap we have to wait for Q3, and then we will have a new release of the roadmap to share with the public.
And for Miles, yes the answer is positive, you can deploy Solidity contracts on MAN and it’s compatible with the EVM, and you can refer to our technical guides that we just published I think two weeks ago.
And then about these smart cities, or intelligent cities, please refer to our specific article today, how Matrix can enable and power the Metaverse in terms of computing power, in terms of privacy, protection, etc.

And for the measures against being hacked, because it’s decentralized so you’ll be safer when you compare with conventional platforms. And then trying to address the BioWallet, it’s quite exciting ahead, a lot of very promising use cases, but just we have to decide which one we have to go for, and then decide the functional features from the prototype. And yes we are getting the patents in the process, so let’s answer the questions coming from the Matrixians.

And if you have any further questions please do submit to us using the AMA online form, and meantime we have some online events going on, I think it will end soon, until the end of May. And in June we will have some new events, and also you will see some marketing happen, although it’s not a massive scale as you will understand, so just keep an eye for those.
And I think that’s the end for this May AMA.
Thanks Owen for your time and detailed answers. Thanks for that.

Owen: Thank you Eric.

Eric: And thanks Matrixians for your support, and just keep submitting us with your suggestions, for example some of the Matrixians talk about the upgrade of our Android Wallet, we are working on that, but we still have encountered some bugs which are unexpected, so it takes slightly longer than we expected, but we are working on that.
And also if you have partnerships, refer to us, yes please do that. And if you are interested to become part of our team, do submit through the global recruitment form as well. And likewise, AMA questions, do send us some lines, thanks for that, and thanks all Matrixians, have a good month for June, and stay tuned for updates.

Thanks, bye.

Owen: Bye.

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