Matrix AI Network Update Notes and Instructions

At block 3,045,001 (estimated to be reached on May, 25th), Matrix AI Network is about to receive an update.

About the Update Patch

This patch will bring the following changes to Matrix AI Network:

1. Adjustments to the penalty policy;

2. Adjustments to the difficulty algorithm;

3. More search space for POW mining;

4. Bug fixes

You may check out Matrix Mainnet Update Notice for more information.

Update Your Gman

Download the required files from before updating your gman.

To deploy a new Masternode, please download Matrix Masternode Deployment Guide and Files.

To update your Masternode, please download Matrix Masternode Update Guide and Files.

1) Refer to the Deployment Guide for instructions when necessary. Please be sure to download the right version for your operating system.

2) For the continued operation of your Masternode, please update to the latest gman as early as possible.

Follow these steps to update:

1. Shut down your Masternode.

2. On Windows, rename your original gman.exe file to gman old.exe. On Mac, rename your original gman UNIX executable to gman old.

3. Download the new gman file.

4. Move the new gman.exe file into your original gman folder. For Mac users, do the same with your new gman UNIX executable.

5. Delete gman old.exe or gman old UNIX executable.

6. Re-deploy your Masternode. See Matrix Masternode Deployment Guide for more detailed instructions.

(1) Open Notepad or another word processing software. Copy and paste the following string into a separate document and replace the highlighted section with your own Wallet B address. After doing so, ensure that the entirety is a single string of text. Copy it and paste it into the Command Prompt.

gman --datadir chaindata --networked 1 --debug --verbosity 5 --manAddress MAN.2sXxXxxXxXxxXxXxxxXxXxXxxxXjU --entrust entrust.json --gcmode archive --outputinfo 1 — syncmode full

Please be aware there should be a space between “manAddress” and your Wallet B address.

(2) You will be prompted to enter the password you just set up. As before, you will not be able to see your password as you write it. Press Enter. You will be prompted to enter the password again. Do so.

(3) After entering your password, you should receive a congratulatory message after a few seconds. Congratulations! Your Masternode is set up!

After updating, there is no need to re-stake. All you need to do is to replace the old gman.exe with the new one, and then follow the steps above to re-deploy your Masternode. To avoid issues, please make sure all file paths remain the same.


To ensure that your Masternode continues to operate, you are recommended to download the new gman file at your earliest convenience. Block 3,045,001 will be the deadline for updating your gman. After that, Matrix AI Network will no longer interact with your old gman file.

On the other hand, updating your gman early will not affect your Masternode’s ability to perform mining and verification tasks prior to block 3,045,001.

Mining Profits

If you fail to update your gman by block height 3,045,001, your Masternode will be disconnected from Matrix AI Network, and you may miss out on some mining profits.

If you have a question, please send an email to

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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