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2 min readJul 4, 2022


Matrix Announces BioWallet Will Make Crypto Funds Safer.

Bloomberg, Yahoo, MarketWatch and other over 600 media has published our Bio-wallet, the first of its kind for crypto wallets (Link). The Matrix AI Network Bio-Wallet is designed for everyone, so we love seeing your creativity. We also love great content, especially about the contributions of our awesome community members.

All content about the Matrix Bio-Wallet that explains its importance and is driven by our community, such as images, videos and articles, is appreciated, so the Matrix AI Network team would like to announce the Bio-Wallet Content Contest!

⏰ Duration: From July 4 to July 28

How can you join?

  • Create your masterpiece. (Keep in mind that quality and creativity are the keys)
  • Follow the Matrix AI Network on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Join our official Discord channel.
  • Retweet for the event post to reach everyone.
  • When you’re done, post it on Twitter using the hashtags #MatrixBiowallet and #contentcontest, highlighting the importance of the MatrixBio-Wallet in one sentence.
  • Fill out this form:

How to win?

Those who have the highest KARMA, who are the most supportive and helpful to us in the community will rate the Matrix Bio-Wallet Content Contest, provided they have not entered the contest. So together with the chosen people with high KARMA (reputation), we will decide who wins.

Members with high KARMA (reputation) in the Matrix AI Network Community showed their wholehearted support for the project. The team will reward them in many ways.

(You can join our groups, support our project, increase your KARMA (reputation)

How will your content be graded?

The Jury (Team member and selected persons with high KARMA) will receive 10 points.

Each content will be scored between 1–10 by the Jury.

The content with the highest total score will win.

Of course, (must be completed in the above-mentioned missions.)

What are the prizes?

About the Matrix Bio-wallet

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.1 & Part 3.2
Video 1 & Video 2

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