MATRIX 2018 — Year in Review

This year-in-review was prepared by @50Satoshis and has been shared with his permission.

2018 has been quite a year for crypto — for everyone involved. So as the year closes it is helpful to reflect upon the accomplishments of 2018. Though it would be impossible to mention every achievement, partnership or milestone, here is a quick look at some of the highlights.

MATRIX was formally introduced to the world on December 7th, 2017, and ever since that time we have seen considerable interest in our project. At MATRIX we believe that we can redefine blockchain technology and over the past year we have been tirelessly working to achieve the goals stated in our white paper. January officially marked the launch of the Matrix ICO, which was a complete success with much more demand than we could have ever anticipated.

On June 1st we launched “Ask MATRIX” a weekly video program where we answered user questions and informed the community of new updates and developments. These videos have garnered popularity within the community and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

MATRIX managed to sweep a few awards this year:

  • “Best Public Chain” award at the China #Blockchain Development Conference
  • “Best Technology” award at the Global Blockchain Leadership Summit (GBLS), Hangzhou Summit
  • “Public Blockchain Industry Dark Horse” at the Ear Finance Blockchain Technology Conference

We have a defined vision for the MATRIX project and throughout 2018 we continually worked toward completing the goals laid out within our roadmap. This year we launched the testnet of our blockchain and opened public testing for our AI servers, allowing community members to test our image and pose recognition systems. These community powered testing events have been very beneficial for training our AI algorithms.

Earlier this year we also demoed our Natural Language Smart Contract and announced the Matrix Digital Asset Safe (DAS), and the MATRIX mining machine, each of which we will potentially roll out in 2019.

In regards to the mainnet, a lot of the functionality has been implemented, apart from some minor tweaks, as a result our community was understandably disappointment when we announced that our mainnet would be delayed. It would have been possible to rush out the mainnet and fix issues as they came along, but giving the development team extra time will ensure a better usability experience when we do make the mainnet publicly available.

November marked the start of the AI server testing period, during this time we conducted a few competitions where we gave away $MAN tokens to the best submissions on our AI servers. This not only helped increase community engagement but also allowed us to stress test the AI server and deliver output that can be used to improve upon the development of the server.

In 2019 we also plan to host many community testing initiatives, and as everyone likes winning some $MAN, expect some more competitions as well!

In November we launched the Matrix Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF), a communal project designed to align the development of MATRIX AI Network with the expectations of the community. More specifically, MATRIX will work alongside Matrix EDF Partners to incubate promising projects. There are currently 13 Matrix EDF Fund partners.

Standardization leads to innovation as it provides a reliable set of standards and methods that can save time and effort in the innovation process.

Throughout 2018, MATRIX was involved in establishing some of the most important councils and associations aiming to establish standards within the blockchain and AI industries in China. One such council is the China Standards and Innovation Alliance’s AI and Blockchain Council, which we launched alongside other founding members including: China Youth Credit, Sinosoft, HuaBiao Weiye, Venus Tech, and other esteemed companies.

MATRIX also helped establish the Advanced Telecommunication Chain Industry Alliance. The Alliance aims to oversee, promote and accelerate the development of Tianjin’s telecommunications and blockchain industries.

If one thing never changes in crypto it is the community’s constant request for additional exchanges. And of course, MATRIX always strives to make sure it is as easy as possible for all community members to obtain $MAN.

MATRIX is currently listed on seven different exchanges, and in 2019 we will strive to be listed on many other exchanges as well.

Currently, our main goal remains of ensuring smooth integration with our existing exchanges as we prepare to launch the mainnet and commence the token swap.

At MATRIX we believe that our global community is at the heart of our project. Over the course of the year we spent a bit of time expanding our outreach by hosting meetups in a few different countries and in 2019 we hope to reach out to more of our international community by hosting meetups and events in many other countries.

On behalf of everyone at MATRIX, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to our community for joining us on this journey and trusting us to execute our vision. 2018 has not been the easiest of years but it has been quite a ride and we hope that you will stick with us over the coming years as well.

Thank you for a wonderful 2018.

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