MANIA – A New World of the Integration of NFT and AI (4/4)

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4 min readSep 21, 2021

Highlights of MANIA

Separation of Ownership and Right to Use

The separation of ownership and right to use is a core feature of MANIA. It guarantees that algorithm models are easy to trade and thus in good liquidity while making sure they are also easy to use by people who are interested in their functionality. There are two types of NFTs: 1. ownership NFT, a token of ownership for the correlating algorithm, and 2. Right-to-use NFT, granting the right to access the correlating algorithm and AI service on MANAS through PPC nodes.

Picture: Separation of the Ownership and Usage Right of an Algorithm NFT

Privacy Layer Structure

The secret to separating ownership and usage right lies in privacy protection and privacy storage. Traditional blockchains are designed to be completely transparent. When it comes to partial transparency and the storage of private information, they are at a disadvantage. In the age of big data and AI computing, collaboration among different entities based on data sharing will become a trend, and it will fall onto blockchain technologies to protect data privacy and separate the ownership of data from the right to use them by enabling the necessary authorization methods.

Guaranteeing data safety and facilitating data ownership authentication will benefit Matrix in three more ways:

  1. When the privacy of users is guaranteed in transactions of algorithms and data, the algorithms become more efficient to use;
  2. Big data applications will be empowered to facilitate the collaboration and sharing among companies and industries;
  3. The synergy among data generation, modeling, application and transaction will link together entities that would otherwise be information islands and steer the big data industry onto a path of sustained growth.

Picture: The Storage and Computing Framework of MANIA

Multi-Party Security Computing

To implement the separation of NFT’s ownership and usage rights, PPC is critical. Matrix will introduce Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMC), a framework designed to enable collaborative computing among a group of distrusting participants by protecting the privacy of all parties. It guarantees independent inputs and accurate computing while making sure no inputs from one party will be leaked to other parties in the same collaborative computing group.

Matrix will adopt SMC for its blockchain data encryption, and a validation mechanism and blockchain technologies for its cloud computing and AI platforms. These, in combination with zero-knowledge proof and other cryptographic technologies, will constitute the foundation of Matrix’s next-generation general computing service platform. The framework of this data computing system is illustrated below.

Any single node in Matrix AI Network can participate in PPC by launching a collaborative computing task or joining one launched by others. The hub node controls routing and computational logic. It searches for relevant data and broadcasts its computational logic to MPC nodes. MPC nodes follow the computational logic to access their local database, perform computing tasks and send results to designated nodes. This way, a group of nodes can collaborate to carry out computing tasks and send results back to the system without compromising each individual node’s local data privacy.

MANIA – A New World for NFT

The arrival of MANIA is significant for Matrix, for the AI industry and for the NFT market.


All functions of MANIA, including authentication, minting NFTs, etc. will require MAN for settlement. This will boost MAN’s liquidity and value.

An effective solution for protecting intellectual property will attract more AI scientists into the Matrix ecosystem to create more original algorithm models. Mature algorithm models can be authenticated and used to mint NFT. All this will attract more users into the Matrix ecosystem.

For the AI Industry

MANIA’s greatest contribution to the AI industry is consolidating the value foundation of the AI market. When AI scientists no longer worry about their intellectual property getting stolen, they will be more motivated than ever to create. This will help create a more dynamic ecosystem and ultimately make for the Cambrian explosion of the AI industry.


MANIA will mark the beginning of a new type of asset which carries economic and social value, in contrast to traditional artwork or in-game item NFTs that are priced only for their artistic value. By converting AI algorithms into NFTs, MANIA will immensely expand the user base of NFT and solidify its value foundation. This will truly set off the explosive growth of the NFT market.

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