MANAS’s Business Model and Proxy Promotion Mechanism

2. What is proxy promotion?

Proxy promotion is an arrangement where Matrix does not participate in the commercialization of MANAS itself but will delegate business operation to third parties, who can access MANAS services through open API tools. Generally speaking, there will be two categories of third-party participants on MANAS: proxy service providers and app developers.

3. Why use proxy promotion?

Simply put, we believe that everyone should play to their strengths. Matrix’s expertise is in tech development, not in commercial operation, while people with commercial talent and resources are not rare in the Matrix community. Thanks to proxy promotion, everyone in the Matrix community will have a chance to make a contribution to MANAS’s success. This arrangement also helps to ignite community activeness, offering everyone a way to profit by promoting MANAS services.

4. How does proxy promotion work?

As mentioned before, proxy service providers can build their own AI
service platforms to integrate MANAS APIs and directly sell services to their own clients.

5. How do app developers work and make a profit?

Different from proxy service providers, the goal of app developers is not to directly sell services to clients, but MANAS services can be a crucial part of the user experience they build. For instance, if an app developer is making a natural science education app for kids, he can choose to integrate MANAS’s plant recognition service in his app so that kids can use their smartphones to identify the plants around them.

6. How to apply to become a proxy service provider?

We are currently at Stage One of commercialization. To guarantee stability and security during this process, MANAS will adopt a business model of ‘reviewing and inviting’. Users wishing to obtain commercial APIs should send applications to describing their resources and business plans, or introducing the products they plan to integrate MANAS APIs into. A reply will be given within 10 work days, and successful applicants will receive an invitation account number from MANAS.

7. Fee Calculation for Agencies and Developers

After integrating MANAS APIs, agencies and developers will need to pay MANAS a pre-charged fee, whose balance will be subtracted based on the number of times their clients access these MANAS services. All payments will be settled in MAN and processed on the Matrix Mainnet. Users will have access to a dashboard showing which service APIs they’ve integrated, the number of client uses and the resulting cost.

8. Why agencies are important for MANAS commercialization?

8.1 Lower Entry Barrier to AI
Using agencies for commercialization will lower the entry barrier to AI services. Influencers, public figures or anyone with a large following can build their own AI service platforms to monetize their influence, which in turn will popularize AI services.

9. The Advantages of MANAS

9.1 A Vibrant Ecosystem
A key difference between centralized and decentralized AI service platforms is who provides AI services. For traditional centralized AI platforms (for instance, AWS or Ali Cloud), the provider of AI services is also the company running the platform. As we know, diversity is the life of any ecosystem. The decentralized structure of MANAS means that, like iOS or Android ecosystems, services on the platform are provided by independent AI algorithm scientists. This not only diversifies AI service types but also encourages different apps and services to continuously improve in a competitive free market.

10. MANAS’s Future Plans

Currently, MANAS will review and check applications first before sending approved users an invitation account. This will change in the future.



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