MANAS Stage 2 Closed Beta Test

Dear Matrix Community,

To thank you for your long-term support, we are delighted to invite you to MANAS Stage Two Closed Beta Test. Please note it is not a fully functional platform, and for other relevant information please see

In this Stage 2, MANAS has two upgrades.

  • The number of AI services has increased from 1 to 5, including Credit Card Recognition, Facial Recognition, Animal Recognition, Plant Recognition, and Identity Recognition.
  • More importantly, we have made the API available which enables merchants/websites to be able to integrate whatever AI services deployed on MANAS into their platform/service at ease. This has huge meaning and can be used in various scenarios.

The scope of this Stage 2 test are :

  1. The user workflow of MANAS
  2. The workflow and reliability of the AI services
  3. The use of API.

Since most of the community members do not have a platform for this type of integration, and for demonstration purposes, we will have release a video clip detailing the process.

When it comes to the test of the above-mentioned 5 AI services. The test will run from 11 - 13 October. Below is the procedures and notes for your reference.

Test Environment

Terminal Type: PC/MAC/Laptop(mobile devices not supported)

Operating System: Windows/Mac OS/Linux

Browser: Chrome/Edge/Safari (or any other mainstream browser)

Procedure (For those who had previously applied)

1. Please visit Click Log in on the upper right corner and enter the account number and password provided in the email sent to you.

2. You will have 200 MAN in your testing account balance, which you can spend to test AI services and other services currently available on the platform.

3. Please fill a report form to let us know what problems you have encountered during the test. You may also leave us suggestions for improvement.

We hope you enjoy testing the platform and would like to thank you in advance for assisting us in improving it.

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