MANAS — Empower AI with Blockchain — Part 4

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2 min readJul 21, 2021

The MANAS Trinity — A Mutually Beneficial Business Model

Different from the B2C service model of conventional centralized AI service platforms, the MANAS model is multi-lateral, and each side plays an indispensable role and wins the corresponding benefits.

1. Algorithm scientists: As AI service providers, they build the core products of MANAS and make a considerable profit doing so.

2. Users: On MANAS, users can find AI services matching their individual needs at competitive prices.

3. Miners: When scientists train new AI algorithms or when users run AI services, the computing power that support these functions is provided by miners. Leasing idle computing power becomes an additional source of income for miners.

The Trinity of Algorithm Scientists, Miners and Users

MANAS — — Matrix’s Value Platform

Matrix 2.0 plans to build a decentralized AI ecosystem. The value anchor for this ecosystem is data, which is the source material people use to produce and operate AI services, and MANAS is the platform where this will happen.

Blockchain-Based AI Ecosystem in Matrix 2.0

The arrival of MANAS will mean more profits for the AI model builders and miners of the Matrix ecosystem. As the platform develops and clients with all types of needs join the ecosystem, there will be a huge demand for not only algorithm models and but also data to support algorithm training. People who provide data for MANAS will be as well rewarded as algorithm scientists and miners.

More importantly, all the transactions that take place on MANAS will be made in MAN only, which will further boost MAN’s demand and liquidity.

According to estimation, AI services will be a 4 billion USD business by 2024. If MANAS can become a unicorn in distributed AI with more than 15% market share, this will be a remarkable achievement for everyone who is invested in the Matrix ecosystem.

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