MANAS — Empower AI with Blockchain — Part 2

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2 min readJul 19, 2021


The core of the decentralized AI ecosystem that Matrix is building is MANAS (Matrix AI Network AI Service). MANAS is an AI service platform built on Matrix’s highly efficient blockchain. It aims to serve as a smart, secure, fair and trustworthy marketplace for developers and clients alike.

The AI models released on MANAS are not finished products like smartphone apps but integrated into the end-users’ products through cloud services for more usage scenarios.

How to Use MANAS

There are four main parts to MANAS.

1. Service deployment and release: Algorithm scientists can deploy models they have developed through MANAS, and MANAS will deploy these services onto distributed container cloud platforms through the Matrix Mainnet.

2. Service trial: People can search for the services they want on MANAS, and these services are available for trial.

3. Service purchase: If people decide to purchase a service after trying, they can pre-order any number of uses they wish for.

4. Service integration: After purchase, an SDK becomes available for download. Follow instructions to integrate the correct version of SDK into your code, and you can use the service.

The Structure of MANAS

The Structure of MANAS

There are five parts to MANAS: bottom network, contract layer, service platform, container cloud and application layer.

1. The bottom layer is made up of the Matrix Mainnet and its distributed storage network. It is for authentication, bookkeeping and secure storage.

2. The contract layer is for facilitating transactions and storing transaction history, fee charges, reward distribution and other information.

3. The service platform hosts core functions of MANAS, including model launching, authentication, integration, usage, payment, etc.

4. The container cloud accelerates the response speed of services and provides mirroring for existing AI services improving their efficiency.

5. The application layer is the interface directly presented to users after they have finished accessing API and integrating SDK.

The Structure of MANAS

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