MANAS Deployed to Matrix MainNet

  1. A user account system,
  2. A front-end management and operation interface for users, and
  3. API access and management functions.
  1. Distributed storage of AI services,
  2. Distributed operation of AI services, and
  3. On-chain storage and bookkeeping for services and account transaction information.

The Distributed Operation of AI Services

After upgrading, AI services on MANAS will run in a distributed fashion. When people use services or access APIs on the front end, they will send requests to the chosen computing power providers (e.g. mining machines), which will then access and run the corresponding algorithm models to deliver the requested services.

On-chain Bookkeeping of Transactional Information

Users will have access to all their order history, whether they have used services directly or through API. By clicking Details, they may also check their transaction information that is stored on the blockchain.



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Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network


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