2nd Report Of February 2023


Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 97

Mining nodes: 1207

New wallets added: 86

Project Update

Brain Wave Data Reception and Storage — 4%

  • Finished the structural design for the brain wave data reception hardware prototype;

Brain Wave Data Analysis and Modelling — 4%

  • Designed personalised user brain wave filtering and built an alpha version data model;

Brain Wave Data-Based AI Services — 5%

  • Finished collecting datasets for two brain wave data-based AI services.

Special Patches — 6%

  • Designed a regression model for language and logic based on Solidity smart contract.
  • Completed module separation based on Solidity smart contract.


  • Trained datasets for Morpheus 1.0.
  • Designed the interface for Morpheus 1.0



Matrix AI Network

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.