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4 min readDec 10, 2018

The Matrix AI Server Competition Round 2 is almost over! There are only two more chances to win!

As Round 2 of the Matrix AI Competition rages on, a brief reprieve is in order to remind everyone that the competition ends December 23rd. This means that there are only TWO more chances to win!

Sample: Week 1 and Week 2 Winners

Week 1 tasked the community with using the AI Server to detect objects in the Natural World. The team’s favorite proved to be a submission from our Vietnam community: Twitter user @vu031295! This particular picture captured the sense wonder that fuels people’s need for adventure; it makes you long for an adventure at sea — be it by boat or by bus.

Week 2 sought cozy places. Reddit user crypstef hit it out of the park with this tender mother-daughter moment. While some might argue that this picture doesn’t contain a bed, Webster’s lists bed as an intransitive verb meaning “to find or make sleeping accommodations” — and who wouldn’t want to curl up for a nap in such a cozy place?

Weeks 3 and 4 are sure to result in more great pictures. Do send in as many submissions as you can — we can all do with a bit of levity!

A Quick Refresher!

To submit pictures, you need to use the Matrix testnet wallet and testnet tokens. If you do not yet have these, instructions on how to apply can be found here or on the Matrix website. Please do note that it’s free! Just be sure to NOT USE REAL ERC20MAN TOKENS WITH YOUR TESTNET WALLET.

How to Submit Pictures to the Matrix AI Server

Step 1)
Click the “Send Offline” tab in the Matrix AI Network Testnet Wallet interface.

Step 2)
Enter a receiving wallet address. You can write any address so long as it is properly formatted.

Step 3)
Input the value of your transaction. In other words, how many tokens you want to send in this transaction. Any number will do!

Step 4)
Select a transaction format from the dropdown list. Choose Format 4 to initiate a Matrix AI Pose Detection transaction. Choose Format 5 for a Matrix AI Object Detection transaction. Make sure to select the transaction format according to the competition rules for a chance to win MAN tokens!

Step 5)
Click “Browse…” to upload your desired image.

Step 6)
After uploading your picture, select your wallet Keystore/JSON file and enter your password to unlock your wallet. If you do not have a Keystore/JSON file, you need to first create a Matrix testnet wallet.

Step 7)
Click “Generate Transaction.”

Step 8)
Click “Send Transaction.”

Step 9)
Confirm your transaction by clicking “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”

Step 10)
After waiting several minutes, search your own wallet address in the Matrix Blockchain Browser. You will notice the two transactions in near succession. The transaction with a listed value of 0 MAN will contain the AI-processed image.

You’ll be able to directly view both your original image and the AI-Server processed result by clicking the specific, relevant transaction. If you have issues viewing the image, please make sure to click HTML at the bottom of the transaction page.

Good luck!

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