Jockeying for Position! Horse Saga Leads the Field!

The Horse Saga private Beta begins in mid-March! Details inside!

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Breeding, raising and racing horses is a lifetime commitment requiring time, patience, and deep pockets. It is not a life to enter into lightly as horses need ample training regimens, comfortable stalls, outdoor shelter, plenty of grass and hay, occasional grains and treats, unlimited access to water as well as routine maintenance including hoof trimming, dental care, vaccination and grooming. All things considered, horses can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Luckily, there are other ways to experience the inimitable pleasures of equine affection.

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Introducing Horse Saga!

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To ride on a horse is to fly without wings

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Basic horses have unique characteristics

The miracle of life

Besides inheriting the skills and attributes of their parents, new horses have a small chance of being born miracles. These miracle horses have special skins as well as unique abilities. Interestingly, mating miracle horses increases the odds of having miracle offspring!

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Miracles come in all shapes and sizes

Horses can be bought and sold through the in-game horse exchange and can also be leased for breeding. After breeding a new horse, there is a period of time when breeding is not possible — yearlings need to live a little first. Once yearlings become full-grown adults, they can participate in competitions and races!

Horses will get to retire in comfort once they exceed the age of competition. When a horse retires, it leaves behind a magical egg. Crack it open and a new horse will join your party. Life finds a way. Your original horse’s achievements will be saved in the Hall of Honor.

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Horse Saga horses!

Training horses improves attributes and can result in new skills. However, each horse still has an upper limit — a maximum potential. Training requires time and a horse’s physical strength. When a horse’s physical strength is exhausted, it will not be able to participate in races or train until it has recovered. Tokens can be used to speed up recovery.

Riding is the best solution to any problem

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Lookin’ good!

In Horse Saga, both horses and jockeys are needed to do well in races and, ultimately, land themselves in the Hall of Fame. Particularly bold competitors can even place bets on races. As the saying goes: fortune favors the bold.

It takes two to trot

Those who participate in the closed beta will be expected to:

  1. Actively play the game and try out all functions and features
  2. Actively engage and communicate with other players and the Horse Saga team
  3. Submit feedback about:
  • the overall experience
  • confusing content
  • function optimization
  • interface issues
  • bugs
  • exception errors
  • any other feedback

4. Provide supporting evidence about game issues (screenshots, videos, etc)

5. Submit blogpost-style articles about your experience with the game

Participating in the closed beta also comes with several opportunities to receive MAN tokens and other rewards. For example:

  1. Earn 50 MAN tokens each time your feedback regarding optimization and interface issues is implemented
  2. Earn 100 MAN tokens each time you submit a major confirmed bug

Participants will also be rewarded on a case-by-case basis for submitted blogpost-style articles depending on the quality and scope of the content. Full details to follow.

As a final note, please understand that Horse Saga is still an unfinished product. Those who have never played an unfinished game may be caught off-guard. The Horse Saga team hopes to create a viable and fun blockchain gaming DAPP and looks forward to the Matrix AI Network community’s help and support. Thank you!

Please stay tuned for more details.

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A great horse changes your life. A special one defines it.

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