It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Matrix AI Network Participation Incentives!

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Fixed Block Rewards, Transaction Fees, Raffles and more! Oh my!

Note: Please consider this information as tentative because there may be small adjustments made going forward.

The moment you have all been waiting for is upon us. The Matrix team is happy to announce the Matrix AI Network participation incentives. The following information should give everyone a good estimate of the kinds of yields they can expect from mining and verification activities.

However, a refresher on the different types of masternodes available for Matrix users is in order!

The Mining Masternode

Becoming a Matrix AI Network miner is quite simple. All you need to do is stake a minimum of 10,000 MAN tokens. Each cycle, the larger of 21 or 5% of all staked miners will be elected. The chance of election will be biased by the total amount staked (80%) and uptime (20%).

The Verification Masternode

To become a Matrix AI Network verifier, you need to stake a minimum of 100,000 MAN tokens and have the computing power necessary to handle 1000 TPS. A total of 11 verification nodes and 5 backup verification nodes will be elected. Similar to the Matrix Mining Masternodes, the chance of election will be biased by the total amount staked and uptime.

Participation Incentives!

With that out of the way, there are three basic types of incentives: Stake Rewards, Block Rewards, and Raffles!

Stake Rewards

Both miners and verifiers will receive rewards for staking their tokens. Stake rewards will be calculated once every 3600 blocks. While rewards depend on the amount staked, miners and verifiers can expect an annual return of 3%-5% on staked tokens. This excludes block rewards, transaction fees and raffles.

Block Rewards

A total of 400 million MAN tokens have been reserved for block rewards. 22.5 MAN tokens are granted upon the creation of each new block. Every year, 15% of the total tokens reserved for block rewards will be distributed. This means that block rewards will total 60 million tokens in year 1, 51 million in year 2, 43.35 million in year 3, etc.

The below table should help clarify:

Unlike systems popularized by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Matrix rewards more than just the block creators. Block Rewards are distributed as follows:

Block Rewards Distribution

Within each grouping, tokens are further distributed as follow:

Verification Network Distribution Details

Verification Network Distribution

Mining Network Distribution Details

Mining Network Distribution

Transaction Fees

Institutions and other organizations have to option to apply to the Matrix Foundation or third-party providers for gas. Such institutions and organizations will be able choose between purchasing a fixed amount of gas or paying a monthly fee. Transaction fees are paid to verifiers.

Transaction Fees Distribution


Raffles are used in an effort to increase interest and encourage node participation in the Matrix AI Network. Every 300 blocks, six transactions are randomly selected. Eligible users will be selected according to their stake and uptime. The sender of selected transactions will win the raffle. Each raffle consists of one 1st prize, two 2nd prizes and three 3rd prizes. The prize values are configurable.

AI Server and Deterrents

Further details relating to how the AI Server will be incentivized, as well as how malicious behavior will be deterred, will be published at a later date.

If you have specific questions or would like specific clarifications, please send your emails to

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