“HOOEE! Be Careful Out There, Mac!” Masternode Testing Open to All MacOS Users!

And some Q&A!

While things have certainly improved in recent years, macOS users have long suffered a lack of software support. Indeed, even the Matrix AI Network was guilty of this, only supporting Windows and Linux when public masternode testing opened last week. But no longer! This injustice will not stand! macOS users can now deploy test masternodes as well!

To do so, simply download the gman (Mac).zip package from our website and follow the included Matrix Node Deployment Guide! You’ll also need to have a new Matrix Wallet address!

You will also need test tokens to stake a Matrix Masternode.


While this announcement is worthy of a post in-and-of-itself, it would make for a pretty short article. As such, the Matrix team has also taken the time to collect and respond to some of the early feedback from the aforementioned Windows and Linux users. Hopefully, macOS users will benefit from a smoother experience due to the tireless efforts of their Windows and Linux brethren.

Of course, should any difficulties persist, please send notice to matrix_testnet@matrix.io and include the following:

  1. The specific problem you encountered, in overwhelming detail
  2. The specific goal you were trying to accomplish when encountering the problem
  3. The specific procedures you followed which produced the error
  4. Screenshots of the issue, as well as of your node’s status
  5. If you know where to find the log containing the issue, please also provide it

And with that… Question and Answers!

Q1: I can’t seem to withdraw my staked tokens. I initiated the refund transaction and received the notice of confirmation, yet my staked funds were not returned. Why?

A1: To withdraw your staked tokens, you need to first initiate a “deposit withdrawal” transaction in the Matrix Wallet’s Deposit/Withdrawal tab. This will unstake your tokens. Then, you need to wait 600 blocks. After waiting 600 blocks, you need to initiate a “deposit refund” transaction to return your previously staked funds to your wallet.

Q2: Is there a way I can utilize my CPU for higher TPS output?

A2: TPS is primarily a product of your device’s and network bandwidth. The network bandwidth impacts how efficiently you receive mining requests and communicate mining results.

Q3: My masternode has been running without doing anything for a few hours/days. I am receiving stake rewards but not block rewards. Why?

A3: This more than likely means that, though deployed correctly, your masternode was offline. This could be due to network instability or other reasons. If your node is offline, you still have a small probability of being selected as one of the mining/verification masternodes. Because of this, you will notice yourself receiving small rewards for being selected. However, as your node is offline, you will only receive partial staking rewards for the period of time that your node is offline.

Q4: If I stake tokens multiple times (batch staking), will the size of my stake equate to the most-recent amount or will it equal the total combined amount staked?

A4: So long as all identifying information is identical, the size of your stake will equal the total combined number of tokens staked regardless of how many times you added tokens to your stake.

Q5: Large log files are being generated in the MatrixLog directory when no mining is taking place. Why?

A5: There are several functions that will be recorded in a log file, however none have a direct relationship to whether or not mining is taking place. Creating logs is a normal part of the process with these gman files.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: www.matrix.io Telegram: t.me/matrixainetwork

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