Get out the vote! Announcing the Matrix Mascot Design Competition “Popular Choice” Finalists!

Thus far, the Matrix Mascot Design Competition has exceeded expectations. The Matrix team is humbled by the skill and dedication of the community. In total, nearly 40 designs were submitted. Suffice to say, the Matrix mailbox needs a breather!

After withering down the submissions to five, it is now time to turn the reigns over to the Matrix community to crown the winner of the “Popular Choice” award. As a reminder, the “Popular Choice” winner will win 5000 MAN tokens.

Please cast your votes by clicking this link ! Voting will remain open until December 6th at 11:59pm Beijing Time.

The Finalists (in no particular order!)

Matlin -by Mizushima


Submitted by a Japanese community members, Matlin is the embodiment of Matrix’s AI capabilities. She is also a cute robot. Some say the number of calculations she can compute per second it beyond compare. Others say she knows the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. とてもかわいい!

Chipman -by Aytac


By way of Turkey, every facet of Chipman is a reference to the Matrix AI Network. The green pickaxe is for green mining. The arms are for the flexible nature of the Matrix blockchain. The lightning bolt-ears are for speed. Chipman also sports a little bag representing the Matrix DAS.

Hero Leopard -by Gao Ce

Hero Leopard

What is the only thing faster and more flexible than the Matrix AI Network? A leopard, of course! However, this is no ordinary leopard; this is Hero Leopard. Hero Leopard believes in justice and protecting others… much like the Matrix Intelligent Contracts! Also, Hero Leopard has a spiffy spacesuit. This submission comes from the Matrix Chinese community.

Mez by Byron


We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the guardian of the Matrix AI Network. Mex will be that guardian. Better than he was before. Better…safer…faster. Mex is literally built on the Matrix AI Network. His sole purpose in life is to ensure that the Matrix ecosystem remains safe. Should any issues arise, Mez will be sure to promptly deal.

Matrix Girl by Bernd

Matrix Girl

Step aside, Ms. Aran. Matrix Girl is on the scene! The Matrix AI Network Power Suit grants Matrix Girl superhuman abilities and gives her to skills to control technology. Her boots, gloves and wings absorb and idle energy from her surroundings. No one likes wasted energy!

Another Contender?

Technically, this competition was open to anyone and everyone. Matrix Business Manager Mr. Simon Han decided to submit a design of his own.

Mascot by Simon

This was easily the worst submission received. Despite being completely derivative of Monsters University’s own Mike Wazowski, the execution and penmanship is painfully subpar. Simon, maybe you should stick to business development.

Get out there and vote!

Again, the winner of the community vote will win 5000 MAN tokens. So, if you are among the finalists, do feel free to shill for votes! No one will judge you. Even if your design wasn’t selected as a finalist, give some love to your fellow community members and vote! Voting closes December 6th at 11:59pm, Beijing Time. (Vote here)

Just because your design wasn’t a finalist for the “Popular Choice,” it may still be one of the “Honorable Mentions!” All winners, including “Best Mascot Design,” “Popular Choice” and “Honorable Mentions,” will be announced on December 7th.

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