Dr. Bill Li of MATRIX AI Network to Help Establish China National Blockchain Standards

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MATRIX AI Network has established a strategic partnership with the China Standard (Huabiao) Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd (China Standard Group) They’ve created the China Standard Beijing Huabiao Weiye Technology Development Co. Ltd to establish the Huabiao MATRIX AI Network Blockchain Application Standards Research Institute to advance the real-world blockchain applications.

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On July 31st, 2018, Dr. Bill Li, Chief Network Architect at MATRIX AI Network and Director of the Huabiao MATRIX AI Network Blockchain Application Standards Research Institute, served as an expert delegate at the “Reference Architecture for IT, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology” conference to establish a National Blockchain Standard. Dr. Li and his team at the research institute will join teams from Ant Financial, Wanda, JD, Wanxiang, Xunlei, Nanjing University and others leading industry experts in standards development.

The conference objectives related to the blockchain-reference architecture (BRA)

1) Establish members of the working groups and methodology;

2) Introduce the background of international BRA standards and group standards;

3) Discuss the principal thought behind the international BRA standards;

4) Clarify the work assignments related to international BRA standards.

As a next generation blockchain projects, the team at MATRIX AI Network was assigned to for some of the most technically demanding work assignments, including creation of the functional view and materialized view. Other prominent collaborators include members of Tencent, Ping An, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Block Continent, and E-Visible.

In his talk “The Significance of Standards is a Matter of Execution,” Dr. Li’s central idea was that “Blockchain applications need a standardized foundation, and the blockchain standards themselves need a broader and more conceptual definition.” Regarding the design approach and functionality Dr. Li said, “I want to emphasis that cross-chain compatibility should extend to every component of the blockchain. Also, a thorough consideration of what can be audited and regulated needs to be in place from the beginning. The regulation and auditing capabilities will directly impact the development of compliance and governance for blockchain.

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- Dr. Bill Li at the China National Standards Development Conference -
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- Meeting at the E-Visible offices -

During his visit to Yunnan, Dr. Li also met with E-Visible CTO, Li Tiancheng, at the E-Visible Supply Chain Management headquarters to discuss applications of blockchain technology in finance, banking, IoTs and medicine. Together MATRIX AI Network and E-Visible will explore a long-term cooperation to advance real-world applications of blockchain technology.

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