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10 min readJan 4, 2023

Eric: Hello Matrixians Merry Christmas today is 27th of December I think it’s not too late for Christmas greeting and I’m sure you have watched our video with CEOs message meaning the message from our Ceo Owen yeah oven how are you ?and your Christmas holiday ?

Owen: there yeah Hi everybody I spent my Christmas holiday at home yeah because my family got the COVID-19.

Eric: Okay sorry to hear that.

Owen: Yeah yeah and but everyone is okay right now yeah. Hi everyone happy Merry Christmas and happy new year yeah.

Eric: Okay good thanks thanks Owen yeah so the monthly to the Ama. Today we have eight questions let’s start with the number one from Dougfunny I think this question would be interesting for all Matrixians.

“How many people are working on the Matrix ? Are you hiring ?”

Owen: Yeah yeah right now our the whole team of Matrix is about 20 people yeah and about three quarters of our teams working for the development and our blockchain team has had six people and our ai team had eight people yeah.

Eric: Okay clear. okay thanks Dougfunny. I think it’s a clear answer to you and also to all Matrixians who would like to know how many people are working on Matrix. and the second part of question is are we hiring yes of course we are hiring and we have a form which is about the global recruitment we we’re recruiting the technical writers, admins, product ones, the smart contract etc as well so as long as you share the visions as ours you’re welcome to send us a note dealing you know what kinds of strength do you have and what kinds of position you have you want to apply for and your expectation I mean in terms of contribution and also in terms of reward.yeah, yes we do we are hiring yes. Second question from diffusesoup

“ When is gpu mining going to live ? This will start to add computing power to the network and if the rewards for use of the computing power are high enough to be profitable then I could bring plenty of users to the network.” Yeah Owen ?

Owen: Yeah right now, the Manta is launching right now you can install our launcher Manta’s client and you can rent out your gpu computer powering to get rewards right now so this system is is live right now yeah.

Eric: Okay so Manta is running as a matter of fact we just I think two hours ago we just published the second version of the deployment guide. So you can refer to our website or the Twitter for the detailed information about a version 2. And it may not 100% answer all of your questions. So do give me some looks and also point some pointers if you want to make it more clear so we can have a version 3 but that’s what we have we this Manta is running and you can deploy according to the guide that we already published version 1 and version 2 and I think you can refer to version 2 for more details. yeah and going forward from diffusesoup again so this is a very interesting question yeah

“Back at the beginning of the project there was a plan to launch smart contract in lateral language will this ever happenor has the idea been dropped ?” yep Owen ?

Owen: Yeah well if you have seen our 3.0 don’t mind, yeah you will see the intelligent contract in it yeah we have already put it in our new roadmap and we’d like to finish this project in the coming well two years yeah that’s our plan.

Eric: So yeah yeah good question yeah that we do things with with considers some factors for example in this phase one of this Matrix 3.0 we do get back to 1.0 and make this intelligent contract as a part of the phase one so you can refer to the 3.0 blueprint Diffusesoup yeah that we will integrate this intelligent contract as part of the deliverables so stay tuned for that yeah very good question Diffusesoup appreciate.

It and move on from Keith

“What’s happening with all the medical information from China in regards to the scans for cancer and other I think and also other treatments ? Yeah.

Owen: Yeah so yeah as you know we had done lots of the algorithm in the medical industry in the last two years but in China we have problem because in at the in under the Chinese law the the ai algorithm the count is forbidden to do the medical diagnosis for the for the patients and that’s why the loss of the doctors only use our algorithm as a tools so although there are lots of the hospital and doctors are using our algorithm but it’s hard for us to get enough revenue to cover our cost but yeah as our plan. We are still doing our job to to how say that to to to push our projects our products in more new hospitals because I think maybe in future although it’s a very hard it’s very hard road but I think in the future our algorithm for medical will get a very good very good market and it can get lots of the revenue for the whole Matrix ecosystem yeah that’s okay.

Eric: So often let me put it this way, We do have a group from to assist the doctors to analyze the problem of the past patients but consider the political environment or legal aspect the doctors or hospital cannot use it directly. And to apply the analysis that they derived from the algorithms for the for any treatment so it’s kinds of assistance so to speak but don’t forget our stand is not to kind of provide all algorithms instead we are providing tools for anyone to come up with their own algorithms and to shoot their daily purpose and that’s our positioning it’s not we develop all the kinds of algorithms and then for people to use it is you can use our platforms and to come up and design develop and train your algorithms for your use and then you can become make it into an nft for trade and that’s the the positioning of our platform it’s not we to provide all their algorithms and that’s not what we what we are doing yeah we provide a platform instead yeah all right the question come from haha001 so there’s a very good name particularly during this Christmas holiday so here is the haha001 question

“What’s the difference between matrix ai and open ai technology?” Owen?

Owen: Yeah I think the most important difference between Matrix and open ai I think are two points the first one is I think the open ai right now is focusing on the language algorithm you can use their tools to maybe to write some poem or some story or something else but for Matrix our algorithm is focusing on the imaging and reorganization and also we can use them in the manufacturing industry. Yeah that’s the first difference and the second one is our platform is decentralized and the open ai is centralized that’s the the second one important difference between us.

Eric: Okay so one is about image and the other one is about voice and I recall it’s a Matrixian who came to me with a suggestion why don’t we come up with something that we usually ai to produce the the vocal for those celebrities in terms of film production and I said yeah similar like that yeah and that is a very good idea and then we move on to Morphinecloud the question is like this

“Hello what are the tools that we will be using to upload our brainwave to the Matrix database? Are we gonna need something like VR headset to interact with brainwave technology and record our brainwave? and how is it gonna add more utility to the main coin overall?” yeah good question Morphinecloud.

Owen: Yeah so yeah I think you have read our the documents about our 3.0 or map and we have some big plans in the future. yeah the the brainwaves is very important in our next plan as the very beginning we need to put some chips push on some chips on your head to receive the the brainwaves but I think it’s hard for the for the common people to do this work so I think in the future the me or our collaborators will design some smart equipment I think it maybe looks like some smart glasses as a Google glasses or Holo lens Holo lens okay the holo lens yeah yeah. And in the future if you need to storage keep your brainwaves with data storage in Matrix. And you need to use our algorithm and our computing power to training your avatar intelligence. Matrix, you need to spend and MAN as to to pay for the people who are offering the computing power for you all who offer the algorithms for you yeah that’s how we plan yeah.

Eric: Okay Morphinecloud is a very good question yeah you did read our blueprint and it’s very exciting and a brainwaves is a factor that I think very few project out there considered as an input input sources and while for Matrix we have envisioned this since day one that’s why we call Matrix. And just now Owen mentioned about the holo lens of Google glass I think he doesn’t mean we will use Google glass or holo lens but what he say is about some kinds of wearable technology that you can wear and then to transmit your brainwaves to your avatar in metaverse so as to train so it is not that 100% that we will be Google glass or already by some kinds of verbal technology yeah. I think more will be reviewed and you know and also you can refer to our articles from Steve Hawkins to the film. Which we just introduced different between the intrusive type and non intrusive in non intrusive type interest of time meaning you can inject a chip into your brain and I think is a very challenging for now and that’s why we adopt the long intrusive which which again we are using the verbal technology to transmit the spring wave and this spring work i’m very very good data for a lot of application not just to train your avatar so imagination is the only limit so to speak yeah. And then we move on to labio. Amazir07

“ Is the bio wallet using the DID planned in a roadmap 3.0 ?”

Owen: The bio wallet yeah the thing is the bio wallet even in our road map 3.0 yeah because we have we asked you to discuss about the suitable projects how to do this per product you know super way yeah so after our finishing our discussing under the design we will put it in our roadmap you will see it yeah.

Eric: Yeah so this is not a small project and according to my research a lot of these kinds of wallets got all got fundings to support and for now we will be focusing on the 3.0 blueprint. however if you are interested you can take a lead you can come to me and suggest your your ideas proposed and we’ll do what we can do to help you and then you can get out there to seek for fundings and I know many similar projects or even kinds of novel technology they got in terms of meaning setting fund. So but right now our strategic focus will be on the 3.0 to realize the Matrix film that is our vision of since day one so. I’m not saying this is not important but this is about the priority thing yeah and you are welcome to take a lead. yeah and I mean it.

All right and the f-crete question from BozKurt

“MANTA mainnet miner deployment guide” was released. Does this mean all miners need to set up a hardware and config as stated in the guide starting when?” Owen ?

Owen: Yeah in fact the old miners you didn’t need to set up this install this client in your hardware you can still do the mining in the old ways yeah but if you want to get some additional rewards for renting your gpu computing power out you can install the new client but if you just want to do the mining in the Matrix network you need to install this new client yeah.

Eric: Okay right so these are the eight questions that we selected from the Matrixians. And since it is almost the end of 2022 so I would like to raise the last question for this AMA.

Owen if you are to choose one word to kind of summarize 2022 and kind of look forward to 2023 what would would you pick?

Owen: I would like to pick xin yeah xinis a Chinese character it means new because I think for Matrix we have already finished our all the milestones in the 2.0 and the way the 3.0 is new is a new beginning for us right now yeah that’s and another hand I think the COVID-19 is almost gone all over the world I think is also a new beginning for the the whole world so I think the xin means new is very suitable for for me to pick for the 2022 yeah.

Eric: Okay very good so I think another new aside from the new 3.0 blueprint. we also have a new website and also we have the new year 2022 coming so I think you did pick a very good words which is xin and which means new. And can I request you to write it down and then we can use that as a reward to the lucky winner of the Matrixians yeah.

Owen : Okay yeah

Eric: Okay okay good yeah and please do you. So here can you show US what is

scene look like in Chinese character.

Owen : yes, I just finished my paperwork . So all my choices you see this character

and you know the meaning that

Eric: Owen, I want to convey and we will organize an event and give away as a gift for the lucky winners so stay tuned for our event mechanism ok, so good so I think that concludes today’s ama and I wish you and your beloved ones a very healthy and prosperous 2023. yeah, and Owen do you have anything to say?

Owen : yeah, the best wishes for all of you in the next year and also best wishes for matrix

Eric: yeah, I am sure we have a lot of potential there considering we have this very exciting 3.0 blueprint and thanks for all of your support, bye bye.

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2016. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.


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Matrix AI Network

The Matrix AI Network was founded in 2017. In 2023, we enter Matrix 3.0 blending neuroscience with our previous work to realize the vision of the Matrix films.