Built To Last: The Yangdong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute’s Enterprise Cloudchain

Detailing Matrix’s enterprise-grade big data cloudchain solution.

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Last week, the Matrix team revealed the formation of the Yangdong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. The research institute is currently developing several “Smart City” and “Smart Logistics” projects. This article delves deeper into the Matrix’s enterprise-grade dig data cloudchain solution — unofficially dubbed the Matrix Enterprise Cloudchain.

The Birth of a Platform

The Matrix Enterprise Cloudchain makes full use of Matrix’s AI expertise in supporting industrial data analysis and operations status monitoring applications. It has the ability to troubleshoot equipment and optimize operations and maintenance using deep learning strategies, machine learning strategies and GANs, amongst others. The Matrix Enterprise Cloudchain also integrates ERP systems, production line management and work order systems. It supports real-world business processes with visualizations and other reporting tools. It can also integrate with third-party system interfaces and allows companies to access existing systems in an effort to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary and repetitive development.

Four Building Blocks

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Products and applications built on the Matrix Enterprise Cloudchain rely primarily on four core technologies. The first is symbolic regression, which is used to identify failure states and fit them to models. The second is two-stage GANs that are applied to small data samples for the purpose pattern recognition. The third is deep neural networks for image recognition and object detection for the purposes of monitoring and detecting products, processes and personnel status. The fourth is models that integrate industrial domain knowledge to enable automatic reasoning in various industrial fields.

Present Applications

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This technology is also being used in the Matrix Enterprise Cloud’s predictive health management (PHM) system. The PHM system is used to complete design improvement, optimize operations and optimize maintenance of industrial equipment. It can also estimate the remaining lifespan of equipment and components, automatically diagnose faults and issue repairs. The Yangdong Artificial Intelligence Research Institute expects that the PHM will greatly improve operations and maintenance efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and support the sustainable development of the railway industry, amongst other things.

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Predictive health management (PHM) system

Future Opportunities

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