Built to Last: Intelligent Cloud Technology

Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Service

The intelligent cloud monitoring service can be used to measure wind power and detect its impact on mechanical equipment. The monitoring system can track the health of bridges, dams and other large-scale structures.

A New Distributed Large-Scale Monitoring System

DASP-MTS is a new distributed large-scale monitoring system based on intelligent cloud technology. It can not only realize the distributed monitoring and detection of large and super-large structures, but also satisfies the online monitoring of distributed devices. It does not need complicated wiring and networking; but has performance superior to that of traditional monitoring systems. It stores a large quantity of data monitored by equipment. The data is stored permanently and can be analyzed and processed in depth. Even if monitored equipment is distributed all over the world, relevant personnel can rely on cloud monitoring through any terminal device that can access the Internet to manage equipment easily.

Real Mobile Internet Testing Technology

The intelligent cloud system has been applied to a Xinjiang Grand Bridge project. The Xinjiang Grand Bridge is China’s first mid-supported railway steel box basket arch bridge. It is also the bridge with the largest span arch, the highest scientific and technological requirements and the most difficult construction, of the Nanguang Railway Line. The deck of the bridge is composed of longitudinal and transverse steel beams. The length of the bridge is 618.3 meters and the span of the main bridge is 450 meters, which makes it the bridge with the largest span in its category in the world.



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