Built to Last: Horse Saga launching June 2nd! Join Matrix’s Equine Event Extravaganza!

Celebrating the launch of Horse Saga! Play and win MAN tokens!

Have you ever wanted to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Have you ever wondered what friendship could be? Well, want and wonder no more! Instead, play Horse Saga!

Starting June 2nd, Matrix AI Network community members can start breeding, training and racing adorable horses in Horse Saga — the next game poised to take push the limits of blockchain gaming! To celebrate the occasion, the Matrix AI Network is organizing an equine event extravaganza.

Participation in Matrix’s Equine Event Extravaganza is simple!

Step 1! Download Horse Saga for Android!

Visit www.horsesaga.io/ to download Horse Saga Android APK. Currently, the game is only available for Android users. Apple and Windows versions will be released in the future!

Step 2! Create a Horse Saga Username!

After installing the game, you will be prompted to create your Horse Saga username! Pick a name that captures the spirit the Derby.

Step 3! Take a Screenshot of your very first horse!

Your starter horse will be generated randomly. It alone might not lead you to the glory land, but it is certain to be cute! So why not snap a picture?

Step 4! Tweet out your picture, public MAN wallet address and Horse Saga Username using @HorseSagaGame!

When tweeting the picture of your first horse, be sure to @HorseSagaGame and leave your username and public MAN wallet address!

Below is an example. You can word it differently to better capture the feel of your horse and jockey.

Step 5! Win MAN tokens!

Anyone and everyone who completes all the above steps before June 4th at 11:59pm (Beijing Time) / June 4th at 3:59pm (UTC+0) will share in a 5000 MAN tokens airdrop!

What is Horse Saga?

Horse Saga is a game that lets players breed, train and race a team of horses to be crowned the world’s best horse and jockey tandem! Compete in high-stake races competitions to forge your legacy and be remembered in the annals of history!

Game Modes

There are three basic game modes: Story mode, Competitive matches and Tournaments.

In story mode, players progress through increasingly challenging races to become the best horse and jockey tandem in the world! In competitive games, the challenge lies in defeating opponents of different skill levels. Winning players win tokens and items — so choose opponents carefully and strategically. Tournaments are where players lay it all on the line. If you manage to win a tournament, your name will be recorded in the Hall of Honor for prosperity.

Horse Basics

There is a total of 6 horse levels ranging from C to SSS. Higher level horses have stronger attributes. A horse’s main attributes are speed, stamina, sprinting ability, dexterity and smarts! Each horse is unique and has different skills. Skills automatically trigger during high-pressure races based on a variety of factors including racing terrain. Rare horses also have special abilities that can be unlocked by completing various activities.

Legends speak of mythical steeds that can appear under the right circumstances. Will you be lucky enough to tame one?


Horses can be bred to produce the next generation of great mounts. A horse’s genes are passed down to its offspring. Diligent breeders can optimize breeding to increase the odds of obtaining mythical steeds.

Horse Market

Both horses and jockeys can be put up for sale in the auction house. Players can also rent each other’s horses for breeding.


Enter the shrine to access the story mode, leave blessings and make donations. Fortune favors the bold.


Players can join regional mining pools to mine MAN tokens while racing! You horse’s unique attributes impacts the efficiency of your mining — the better your horse, the more MAN tokens you will receive! Certain items can also temporarily increase the probability of mining. Experienced racers can even launch their own mining pools, after meeting certain requirements!

And plenty more!

There are many other modes and gameplay styles that will follow in subsequent updates including mini-races and an equipment system. Players will also be able to take on one-on-one challenges. Winners leave with prizes and bonuses. Losers leave with shame. This is a game of status. Defeat worthy opponents to take their spot on the mountain!

Stay up to date!

Be sure to follow Horse Saga’s official channels to be kept up-to-date with all the latest announcements, events and updates!

Horse Saga Twitter: https://twitter.com/HorseSagaGame

Horse Saga Medium: https://medium.com/@HorseSagaGame

Horse Saga English Telegram: https://t.me/HorseSagaGameEN

Horse Saga Japanese Telegram: https://t.me/HorseSagaGameJP

Horse Saga Chinese Telegram: https://t.me/HorseSagaGameCN

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