Built to Last: Data and Computing Power


Much of the modern world’s data can be accurately envisioned as belonging to one of two categories: one-dimensional big data and multi-dimensional small data.

Data Acquisition

There are 2 major data acquisition problems that need to be solved. The first major problem is that data providers often don’t have a clear idea of the value of their data. Some may not even know that their data has any value at all! This leaves many people open to exploitation. Data providers constantly lose out on opportunities to use their data to generate value. Even worse, most data providers do not receive fair compensation from the entities who use their generated data for personal financial gain. This is a Data Attribution problem. The second major problem is that, due to a long history of data privacy, security and abuse scandals, many data providers are wary of sharing their data. This is a Data Security and Privacy problem.

Computing Power

A major component of Matrix 2.0 is on-demand computing resources. The Matrix AI Network blockchain is the foundation that enables connected nodes to grow into a flexible global supercomputing network. This massive computing network will provide a long-term impetus for the development of artificial intelligence.

New Cloud Computing Architecture

Although cloud computing platforms currently exist and are growing in popularity, there are still many practical issues. For one, as centralized infrastructures, most cloud computing service providers have full access and control over user data. This poses a security and privacy risk to potential users.

  1. Cloud Computing Layer: Responsible for intensive computing tasks without high response time requirements.
  2. Fog Computing Layer: Responsible for real-time tasks that require little computational power.
  3. Terminal Computing Layer: Smart terminals that serves specific applications.



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Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network


Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: www.matrix.io Telegram: t.me/matrixainetwork