BigBang Operations Guide

BIGBANG.CASH is an essential part of the experimental algorithmic stablecoin multiverse built by HIGGS NETWORK. In the BigBang Universe, all participants will experience the origin, expansion and stability of the universe, as well as the birth and evolution of many algorithmic stablecoin stars. BIGBANG.CASH is based on Binance smart chain (BSC).

This guide will walk you through the process to use the platform.

Step 1

Create a wallet on Metamask

Follow the instructions on

The wallet address created will be used on BSC network.

Step 2

Create a custom RPC network for BSC network

Follow the instructions on


with the following parameters

 Network name: Binance smart chain


 ChainID: 56

 Currency symbol: BNB

 explorer: https://www.bscscan.comAs nodes can get busy time to time, we recommend to have a back-up

Network with the following parameters

 Network name: Binance smart chain mainnet


 ChainID: 56

 Currency symbol: BNB

 explorer:

You can use also following guide:

Step 3

Get your BNB (Binance token) on created BSC wallet balance

1. Transfer some BNB to your BSC wallet

 If you use Binance exchange, please be ware to select BEP20 (BSC):

2. BNB is used to pay for tx fees or to exchange it for any other supported asset pair

In following link below you can see how to use Binance Bridge to get BNB in the Binance SmartChain (BSC) if you are a Binance.US user and you cannot withdraw BNB from your Binance.US account directly to your MetaMask wallet address in BEP20.



Step 4

After the transfer is successful, you can switch to BSC Network in your MetaMask wallet to view it.

Add custom tokens on the BSC network:

See How to add a custom token section in

Step 5

Visit now

Make sure you are on BSC network to successfully connect your wallet

On entry you will come to Bigbang section, where you can see and follow all token assets, current price value and circulating supply.

Next section is Nebula where you can explore all planets and different pool options. To switch between planets, use arrows for left/right

When you find the pool you like, just select it

Once you get in, you will have to 1-time approve chosen token (lending pool).

Make sure you are on BSC network to be successful

After approve, now go back to you pool on site and deposit your chosen token balance, confirm and your staking is live.

If you want to stake your LP token to earn SHARE

Please click the ‘Provide liquidity to bCASH on Pancake’ link and go to pancake swap to add liquidity and get LP token first, than come back to Bigbang to stake them in the pool.

Congratulations, you made it!

Step 6

Enjoy and have fun!

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