At the Starting Gate! Pick your Winning Pony!

The Horse Sage closed beta will begin on March 14th!

Following last week’s reveal of Horse Saga — a horse breeding, raising and racing game built on the Matrix AI Network — the team is ready to share more details about how you can join the closed beta!

First and foremost, the beta will begin on March 14th!

Second, to participate, you need to join one of the official Horse Saga telegram groups. There are three:

Finally, the Horse Saga team will share download links and activation codes via their own dedicated channels. It’s that easy!

This is going to be one of those real betas — rather than one of those Beta-branded near-final-build demos that have become all the rage over the past couple years.

Once you start playing Horse Saga, you are likely to encounter any number of bugs, glitches and inaccessible areas. This is because Horse Saga is still an unfinished product. We hope that everyone who decides to participate will keep in mind that this beta is a real beta test, rather than a promotional ploy. As such, the Horse Saga team has several requests for the beta participants:

  1. Please actively try to experience every part of Horse Saga in-depth. This including clicking on every button, trying every function and essentially try to break the game in as-creative-a-way as possible.
  2. Submit feedback to the Horse Saga team as often as possible. This means that every time you find a bug, a glitch or something broken, you take the time to let the team know. Suggestions regarding general quality-of-life improvements are also welcome.
  3. Interact as often as possible with other beta participants and the Horse Saga team. Oftentimes, the best ideas come from collaborative and constructive discussions.

As mentioned above, the Horse Saga team is interested in receiving any and all feedback about the game. This includes feedbacks relating to bugs, visual glitches, UI issues, sound anomalies, etc. Feedback can be submitted using the Horse Saga Beta Feedback Form. If you believe your feedback can not be properly conveyed by filling out this form, you can always share your thoughts directly in the Horse Saga Telegram. Whenever you submit feedback, please be sure to include your Telegram username, in-game username, descriptions of the issues and any supporting screenshots.

  1. Players who submit general feedback will receive 50 MAN tokens each time their suggestions are adopted. If the same feedback is submitted by multiple participants, the first person to have submitted will receive the reward.
  2. Each time a bug, glitch or other error is confirmed to exist, the player who first submitted it will receive 100 MAN tokens.
  3. Participants can also submit blogpost-style articles about their experiences playing Horse Saga. If the article is approved, the Horse Saga team will post it on the official Horse Saga medium account and the author will receive fair compensation. Compensation will be agreed upon between the author and the Horse Saga team prior to publishing the author’s work.

Future updates regarding the progress of Horse Saga will first be shared through Horse Saga’s dedicated channels. We encourage everyone to follow the game’s development progress!




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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram: