Announcement: Matrix AI Network Blockchain Data Syncing Update

Following the previous one in August, the Matrix AI Network team is releasing a new data syncing update. In this update, we have packaged chaindata from block 0 to block 1405031 as snapshot files to save users the trouble of having to sync the entire blockchain.


Go to Select Downloads from the menu on the top right.

Download How to Launch Your Masternode Using Snapshot Files and Matrix Masternode Deployment Guide and Files.


1. The new gman file for Linux needs to be downloaded from Github at

2. Instructions for Linux, Windows and Mac users can all be found in the document How to Launch Your Masternode Using Snapshot.

3. Snapshot height as shown in all the pictures in the guide documents reflect only block height in the test environment. The actual files you get could show something different.

Things to watch out for when launching your snapshot

1. For this update you need a separate computer. Do not download the new gman file onto your old one. This way your Masternode will be safe even if you mess up the process.

2. Make sure you have transferred your account data before closing the gman file. Check if the keystore file containing your account data has been saved under the gman folder on your new computer.

3. To ensure that all the commands you run are correct, it’s recommended to open a text document, where you can paste in these commands before copying them out to the Terminal or Command Prompt.

4. Connecting to Matrix AI Network will take some time. After launching your Masternode, wait for five minutes before checking if it’s been successfully launched.

5. You do not need to relaunch your Masternode after updating it.

Important Notice

Although using two computers for blockdata syncing will most likely help you avoid triggering the penalty policy, to be extra safe, it is strongly recommend that you finish updating before Matrix block height reaches 1,420,800 (estimated to happen at 4 p.m., Oct. 25th).

If you have issue in this process, please send an email to

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