Announcement: Introducing the Matrix Developer Portal!

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On Sep 2, 2019, Matrix AI Network has officially launched the Matrix Developer Portal. The platform provides developers with the tools and data needed to build apps. The official website is now live at:

The Matrix Developer Portal

At the first phase, the developer portal will provide an API with a feed of core transactional information enabling developers to build apps about the operations of the mainnet. At the second phase, additional tools will be provided to build apps that integrate smart contracts.

The Matrix developer portal already provides developers with an information feed to create applications that interface with the fundamental info of the Matrix main chain. The center will soon support development of applications that integrate our smart contracts.

The Matrix developer portal offers an API for a direct information feed from the database of the Matrix blockchain mainnet.

Network: To build primary nodes embedded in the Matrix mainnet or testnet, as well as how to establish a private network. Developers can get full instructions on how to embed in the Matrix mainnet, testnet, or establish a private network.

Tools: Developers can utilize Javascript SKD or Java SDKs to quickly build applications.

API: There are three methods for pulling the blockchain data, using RPC, Javascript or Java APIs.

Data: This module explains how developers can connect with the Matrix open source database and table editor.

The Matrix developer portal will continue to roll out smart contracts, examples of Dapps, Dapp platform transfer solutions, and FAQs. This forthcoming module will help developers build Dapps with smart contract integration.

Exchange and Interaction

If you encounter any issues while using APIs from the developer portal, please contact the official Reddit account r/THEMATRIXAI. Matrix has issued a post named “Common Problems of Matrix Developer Portal and How to solve them” to compile solutions and discussions.

Responding to Questions and Difficulties

If you encounter issues while using the developer portal, you can email questions to or contact a member of the Matrix team on Telegram.

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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