Announcement: How to use the Matrix Web Wallet

A brief introduction to the Matrix Web Wallet. Full details available in the Matrix Web Wallet Manual.

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Although many Matrix community members have already acquainted themselves with certain functions of the Matrix Web Wallet while staking Masternodes, the Matrix team has not yet formally introduced the Matrix Web Wallet and its many features. To rectify this fact, the Matrix team has prepared a handy “Matrix Web Wallet Manual”.

The Matrix Web Wallet

How to create and use a Matrix wallet address

How to back up the Matrix wallet address

How to use the Matrix web wallet

MAN token transactions

After logging into your Matrix wallet address, you can transfer native MAN tokens in the “My Wallet” tab of the Matrix Web Wallet. Detailed instructions outlining how to transfer tokens are included in the Matrix Web Wallet Manual.

Masternode staking

In order to run a Matrix Masternode, you must first stake tokens. Please refer to the Matrix Node Deployment Guide available for download on the Matrix website

AI transactions

The first batch of AI transactions are currently publicly online and available include Lung cancer diagnosis, pose detection and object detection. All are accessible in the web wallet’s “AI Application” tab. Please note that while pose detection and object detection services support simple images, the Lung cancer diagnosis function requires CT scans.

Mainnet smart contracts

Individuals can currently write smart contracts that will run on the Matrix AI Network in the wallet’s “Contracts” tab. These are not to be confused with auto-coding intelligent contracts.

How to secure your wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

If you selected “Real time transfer” when setting up your transfer, there is no way to cancel it. If you selected “Scheduled transfer,” your transaction can be cancelled anytime before the scheduled transfer time.

2. How can I view my transaction records?

After opening your Matrix wallet, you can click “Transaction Record” in the “My Wallet” tab of the web wallet to view the wallet’s transaction records. Using this method only displays the account’s local transaction information. If you want to view a more complete transaction record, you can search the wallet using the Matrix Blockchain Browser.

3. How to I know when I am supposed to disconnect my network and switch to the wallet’s offline mode?

When you reach a relevant step, a prompt will appear encouraging you to switch offline.

4. Can I still send other types of information as transactions?

Certainly. When initiating a transfer, you can add text, image or video information at the bottom of the transaction page. Any information included here will be delivered alongside the standard transaction.


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