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The Matrix AI network is a well-established project with supporters from around the world. The community has proven to be a crucial support in the success of any project, and the primary purpose of the Matrix Global Ambassador Program is to build a solid community foundation for the Matrix and ignite a global spark that empowers the Matrix. We are excited to announce the launch of the Matrix Global Ambassador Program. We are looking for passionate ambassadors to help the Matrix reach more people in your country.

In celebration of the release of MATRiX 3.0 Blueprint, how about becoming an ambassador for the Matrix AI Network, which will reach real project supporters, embrace the goal of developing the Matrix ecosystem and local communities, and be rewarded with $MAN in return?

Who Can Become a Matrix AI Network Global Ambassador?

It could be anyone. We encourage anyone with a passion for crypto to apply.

We’re searching:

  • Metaverse, Web3, AI, Blockchain, GameFi and NFT enthusiasts

We will offer three different ambassador programs :

  • Padawan Ambassador : Best suited for users who are active in the crypto space

Padawan Ambassador

Those who join the this ambassador program will help us spread the word about the Matrix. You can join our program and earn points by completing the activities below or by completing other tasks we announced in our Telegram chat. We will track ambassador scores using this leaderboard.

Participants: All users!

Prize pool: Each month, the top 50 ambassadors will share a prize pool of 105,000 MAN.

Check the rewards, missions and rules here.

The first MAN coin distribution will take place the month after the ambassador program starts. The leaderboard will reset immediately and we will announce the next round.

General rules

  • No inappropriate content.

We would also like to state that our ambassadors will undergo a 20-day test process and we will choose them according to their performance during this period.

Purpose of the Ambassadors

  • Ensuring community involvement

Mission of Ambassadors

  • Can attend the strategic meeting to be held every 15 days

Advantages of Being a Matrix Ambassador

  • Early access to news and announcements

In addition to all these great things, the ambassadors will also gain experience in the Blockchain and AI industry.

As part of the evaluation of the Ambassador program, we may ask for verification of your social channels or some of your other data. If you apply, you will be deemed to have accepted.

Termination of Ambassadors

If an Ambassador does not perform well or violates his duty to act professionally and does not fulfill his obligations and does not contribute for an extended period, the Ambassador will be politely asked to leave the Programme.

Matrix reserves all rights in this program.

Why Choose Us?

By doing all of the above, you may not only gain material rewards, but also gain some life skills and experiences that will lead to a brighter future.

Includes but not limited to rewards.

Responsibilities of the Matrix Team

The Matrix team is responsible for identifying, creating, and continually defining the Ambassador Program participants and their goals. This includes discussion of marketing activities and opportunities (for example, what content to post, where to post, how often to post, etc.). There are several potential platforms that ambassadors can target: Telegram, Discord, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, crypto media sites. etc. And because there are so many different platforms, it’s important to remember that each platform can have a different purpose.

The Matrix team will assist the Ambassadors in strategizing, but will leave it to the Ambassadors to carry out these tasks as they see fit.

During the Ambassador Program, Matrix is responsible for training Ambassadors and providing them with guidance on requested messaging, brand guidelines and technical support.

We are responsible for keeping in touch with the Ambassadors through communication through the Telegram channel where we will host the Ambassadors. This way, the Matrix team can gather feedback, listen to ideas, and Envoys can exchange ideas on their progress. We also strongly value the Ambassadors’ communication with the Matrix team and with each other.

The Matrix team is also responsible for helping determine rewards and distributing those rewards to Ambassadors.

The Future of the Matrix AI Network Ambassador Program

We are excited to launch our first Ambassador Program release. We are very excited to take this step to bridge the gap between our team and our community. We are also aware that this is our first version of the Ambassador Programme. As it takes shape over the next few weeks and months, we know it will change as our community provides us with feedback.

The Matrix team is committed to growth and adoption, and we think this Ambassador Program is the next step in that direction.


Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.


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Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram: