AI for one and one for AI: Help test the MATRIX AI Server!

With the testnet launched and hundreds of community testnet wallets holding test tokens, the time has come to introduce some features in more detail!

At this point, the story of the MATRIX AI Network’s relationship with AI technology is old hat. Yet, it bears repeating as AI is the very reason the MATRIX AI Network exists at all.

The MATRIX AI Server

How to Use to MATRIX AI Server

① Step One

Click the “Send Offline” tab in the MATRIX AI Network Testnet Wallet interface.

② Step Two

Enter a receiving wallet address. You can either add a new address or select one that you’ve previously used. All addresses can be assigned a nickname. You can write any address so long as it is properly formatted. Why not try swapping addresses with other MATRIX community members?

③ Step Three

Input the value of your transaction. In other words, how many tokens do you want to send in this transaction?

④ Step Four

Select the appropriate format for your transaction from the dropdown list. Choose Format 4 to initiate a MATRIX AI Pose Detection transaction. Choose Format 5 for a MATRIX AI Object Detection transaction.

⑤ Step Five

Click “Browse…” to upload an image. You can try a variety of different pictures to trip up the system. Pushing the testnet to its limits is highly encouraged!

⑥ Step Six

After uploading your picture, select your wallet Keystore/JSON file and enter your password to unlock your wallet. If you do not have a Keystore/JSON file, you need to first create a MATRIX testnet wallet.

⑦ Step Seven

Click “Generate Transaction.”

⑧ Step Eight

Click “Send Transaction.”

⑨ Step Nine

Confirm your transaction by clicking “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”

⑩ Step Ten

Though this step is optional, it is recommended for you to save your TX Hash. You can use your TX Hash to lookup the status of your transaction in the “Check TX Status” tab. Please note that you may have to wait several minutes for the AI-Server to process your image.





A Little Competition

Those of you who have already received your test tokens can immediately start testing the MATRIX AI Server. We encourage all test token holders to send as many transactions as possible. Try your best to stump the system! Where do the limits of AI lie? What happens if you upload a picture of a picture of your face?

No Tokens?

For those of you who have not yet requested tokens, it isn’t too late! Simply open a testnet wallet account and send your testnet wallet address to with the message “I would like to apply for test coins. Here is my MATRIX test wallet address: xxx.” For full instructions on how to apply, please click here .

What’s Next?

The MATRIX team will be introducing more and more testnet features in the coming weeks. Some are already accessible if you look hard enough.

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