As part of deliverables of Stage 1 Roadmap, the project team has deployed upgrades to Wallet and Browser, and we will keep upgrading the functions.

1. Wallet upgrade

It supports the NFT, including the asset management and the Wormhole protocol which is to increase the liquidity of Matrix. It is already deployed.

Specifically, it has the management function of NFT (ERC 721), which the screen cap below is self-explanatory.

The MANAS Trinity — A Mutually Beneficial Business Model

Different from the B2C service model of conventional centralized AI service platforms, the MANAS model is multi-lateral, and each side plays an indispensable role and wins the corresponding benefits.

1. Algorithm scientists: As AI service providers, they build the core products of MANAS and make a considerable profit doing so.

2. Users: On MANAS, users can find AI services matching their individual needs at competitive prices.

3. Miners: When scientists train new AI algorithms or when users run AI services, the computing power that support these functions is provided by miners…

The Competitive Advantage of MANAS

The competitive advantage of MANAS will come in three ways: lower development barrier, more algorithm scientists and more users.

How does MANAS lower the development barrier?

AI is a brand new area for most developers. Matrix is building MANTA, the perfect tool for scientists and engineers entering the AI industry, The core of MANTA is auto-machine learning, which will lower the entry barrier to machine learning allowing people with basic computer knowledge but no AI background to participate in AI programming. Creative people with ideas but no AI knowledge can also build their own AI…


The core of the decentralized AI ecosystem that Matrix is building is MANAS (Matrix AI Network AI Service). MANAS is an AI service platform built on Matrix’s highly efficient blockchain. It aims to serve as a smart, secure, fair and trustworthy marketplace for developers and clients alike.

The AI models released on MANAS are not finished products like smartphone apps but integrated into the end-users’ products through cloud services for more usage scenarios.

How to Use MANAS

There are four main parts to MANAS.

1. Service deployment and release: Algorithm scientists can deploy models they have developed through…

The Great Potential of AI

Artificial Intelligence is a broad field of study that involves computer science, biology, philosophy, etc. Its definition is often vague and up to debate, but essentially, AI is about teaching machines to think, analyze and make judgments just like humans do by imitating how the human brain works.

Today, AI has become the driving force for the next round of technological and industrial revolution, changing society and people’s lives in permanent ways. In recent years, the AI industry has gotten hotter and hotter, and its market is constantly expanding. But although the number of new…

Matrix AI Network Bi-Weekly Report

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.

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Owen Tao (CEO) | Steve Deng (Chief AI Scientist)

by Steve Deng

According to the definition of Wikipedia, “Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and by the use of data.” Machine learning algorithms typically train a model to make decisions or predictions on the basis of data. Deep learning is a special family of machine learning techniques that use multiple layers of artificial neural networks as the representation of models. In the past decade, ML, especially deep learning, has made unprecedented breakthroughs in various applications such as image processing, face recognition, natural language processing, predictive maintenance, and scientific discovery. …

Market Value of MANTA

Whether for the burgeoning AI industry or for blockchain, MANTA is an epoch-making product with exceptional creativity and social benefit.

The Crypto Mining Disruptor

With the blockchain industry gaining huge traction, some people have claimed blockchain to be the single greatest invention of the 21st century. But despite its luring promises, this industry is also plagued by huge wastes of energy and computing power associated with mining. Forward-thinking individuals and organisations have been crying for “mining with public benefit”, and here comes MANTA to save the day.

Auto-Machine Learning is the core of MANTA. Not only…

The Matrix team will not upload every single change to GitHub as some other teams do.
We only update on GitHub at certain key points of a project as we see fit.
For example, every time we have an official version of a project, we update the code of that project to GitHub.
We also update on GitHub when there are upgrades available.

The Mechanism of MANTA

MANTAMATRIX AI Network Training Assistant is a distributed auto-machine learning platform built on Matrix’s highly efficient blockchain. It is an ecosystem of AutoML applications based on distributed acceleration technology. This technology was originally used in the image categorisation and 3D deep estimation tasks of computer vision. It looks for a high-accuracy and low-latency deep model using Auto- ML network searching algorithms and accelerates the search through distributed computing. MANTA will have two major functions: auto-machine learning and distributed machine learning.

Auto-Machine Learning — Network Structure Search

Matrix’s auto-machine learning adopts a once-for-all (OFA) network…

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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