In the following part, we will compare Matrix with a few well-known AI projects.

Matrix vs DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is essentially doing the same thing as Matrix: building an efficient distributed computing power network. But beyond this, there are differences:

Consensus Mechanism vs Consensus Algorithm

DeepBrain uses a DPoS consensus mechanism, while Matrix…

Matrix vs Centralized AI Platforms

Having created an high-performance AI-empowered blockchain in Matrix 1.0, Matrix 2.0 will focus on building a decentralized AI ecosystem based on this efficient blockchain. So how is Matrix better compared to traditional centralized AI platforms?

A Multidimensional Big Data Platform

Different from a centralized platform…

Matrix vs Decentralized AI Platforms

A Complete Ecosystem

Compared with the average decentralized AI platform, Matrix provides a complete ecosystem of solutions for building AI services. The multidimensional big data platform supports AI scientists’ demand for data; MANTA provides scientists with affordable computing power; MANIA help scientists authenticate their works; MANAS delivers their services to…

In today’s world, AI is developing at an unprecedented rate, and new AI services are popping up every day. As a next-generation AI-powered blockchain service, Matrix is also launching its 2.0 blueprint following the successful completion of Matrix 1.0. Therefore, one may wonder: what advantages does Matrix have over its…

Dear Community Members,

As you are well aware the Matrix ecosystem project is kicking off. This project aims to build a decentralised ecosystem using blockchain that democratises the creation of digital art and liberalises the ownership of artwork with a NFT so that anyone can participate in the creation and…

Matrix Browser Auto-Detection Program On

Dear Matrix Community Members,

We are aware that some members have occasionally encountered browser issues. Essentially periods where tom.explorer was not accessible.

In order to address this for a better user experience, we have deployed an auto-detection program.

This program will function when it detects that the browser is down…

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: Telegram:

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