A Broader Market

APEX sets precedence by offering country/region-specific ASCs suited for local users’ needs. By adopting APEX ASCs for the pricing and settlement of services on Matrix, we lower the barrier for people in different markets to take advantage of what Matrix has to offer.

Smart ASC Trading Platform

Since APEX hosts ASCs for different countries and regions, people will frequently want to exchange one ASC into another just as in a foreign exchange market. …

The Encrypted Habitat & Digital Twin – NFT BluSea Forum

On October 20th Matrix AI Network CEO ON Owen Tao attended The Encrypted Habitat & Digital – NFT BluSea Forum and participated in a round table discussion about the opportunities and challenges for NFT and the Metaverse in the era of digital economy.

Together with other attendees Dai Qingzhu founder…

New Opportunities for ASC

Conventionally, currencies serve three purposes: a unit for keeping account, a medium of exchange and a medium to store value. Without a doubt, ASC also fulfills all these three functions too. Popular ASCs available in the market today have drawn inspiration from the way traditional central…

The Development of and Challenges to ASC

DeFi and cryptocurrencies are inseparable from each other. As DeFi develops and matures, the cryptocurrency industry could experience a new round of growth driven by stablecoins. As a medium of exchange between fiat currency and crypto assets, stablecoins play a critical role in…

Our Turkish Community were recently privileged enough to hold an impromptu AMA with our CEO Owen Tao.

Below is a transcript of the AMA.

Selami: Welcome Mr Owen to our first AMA with the Turkish community!

Owen Tao: Hi guys.

Selami: We collected the questions of the community and we can start if you are ready?

Owen Tao: Yeah.

Selami: Let us start then with the first…


Q: What is the workflow of MANAS?

A: Take plant recognition for example:

  • User submits a plant image through API or on MANAS website;
  • The plant image is uploaded to the IPFS cache;
  • The system accesses the distributed AI model for plant recognition;
  • The model uses the spare computing power…

Matrix AI Network Bi-weekly report

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain.


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Owen Tao (CEO) | Steve Deng (Chief AI Scientist) | Eric Choy (CMTO)

Dear Matrix Community,

To thank you for your long-term support, we are delighted to invite you to MANAS Stage Two Closed Beta Test. Please note it is not a fully functional platform, and for other relevant information please see https://www.matrix.io/blog_72.html.

In this Stage 2, MANAS has two upgrades.

  • The number…

By: CognitiveProcessing

This tutorial is for educational purposes only, I’m not responsible for any losses, damages, or other liabilities which may occur by using any info/code provided here(or anywhere else it is posted).

I’m under no circumstances a Javascript professional (or a JS Ninja/Expert)!

The code is not production-ready! …

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network leverages the latest AI technology to deliver on the promise of blockchain. Website: www.matrix.io Telegram: t.me/matrixainetwork

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